Alex Yeung

Alex Yeung

Until 2013, Repulse Bay had little more than a 7-Eleven to service beachgoers. Then Alex stepped in to bring some of Hong Kong’s finest shops and dining establishments to what’s now a weekend hotspot. As the corporate executive of Emperor Group he oversaw the development of The Pulse (he even painted the roof himself with friends), and now the days of nothing much more than chicken nuggets and cup noodles are long gone. Visitors and residents alike can choose from fresh cocktails at Limewood to authentic Cantonese favourites at Meen & Rice or modern Balinese cuisine at Tri, after a pit stop at the local branch of renowned British family members club Maggie & Rose or a session at the Pure private gym. If Southsiders rarely went into “town” before, they have even less reason to now.

Secret to Success: A clear vision for what his fun-loving crowd wanted—and a hands-on approach.

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