Eleanor Lam

Eleanor Lam

As one of Hong Kong’s society stars making the successful transition to a social media phenomenon, Eleanor (better known as Elly) is gaining more and more traction with her 121,000-plus Instagram followers. Known for her feminine looks (don’t get her started on the merits of pink), the daughter of Hong Kong tycoon Peter Lam and former Taiwanese actress-turned-socialite Lynn Hsieh is one of the most high profile It-girls of her generation. Via her constant updates on Snapchat and Instagram, Elly’s fans follow her everywhere from Central to Coachella, living that fabulous ife vicariously through her as she goes from party to pop-up, and from festival to fashion do.

Secret to Success: It’s all about the power of the perfect pose.

Eleanor Lam also features on the 500 List and Generation T List 2017.

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