Sean Lee-Davies

Sean Lee-Davies

Sean has expanded a career in magazines to include photography, TV, film and non-profit interests, becoming one of the most active and high-profile voices of his generation in Asia. Whether it’s through his TV show Tycoon Talk, on which he has profiled eight of Hong Kong’s most prominent billionaires and business leaders, through his shows for channels such as National Geographic, Channel News Asia and TVB—which, incidentally, he writes, directs and produces—or through his photographs for luxury clients from Vogue to Burberry, Louis Vuitton to Cartier, his presence and energy is felt everywhere. Factor in his non-profit environmental initiative, Project C:Change, which raises funds and awareness in Asia to combat the trade in endangered wildlife, and you have a man on a mission who’s utterly unstoppable.

Secret to Success: Drive and passion—and looking as good in front of the camera as behind it doesn’t hinder his efforts, either.

Sean Lee-Davies also features on the 500 List.

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