Yen Kuok

Yen Kuok

The first to admit that she’s a recovering shopaholic, Yen claims her shopping habit hit its peak while she was studying for her degree in international relations at Stanford University in California and simultaneously discovering the joys of online shopping. Now back in Hong Kong, she’s harnessing that obsession in a new direction through the launch of her online consignment store Guiltless, a shoppers’ paradise where people can buy and sell pre-loved fashion. With a renewed belief in quality over quantity (just don’t ask her how many Birkin bags she has), Yen hopes that Guiltless will help people approach shopping from an ethical point of view by investing in timeless designer pieces as opposed to falling victim to fast-fashion fads—and aims to have them looking rather fabulous in the process.

Secret to Success: Taking what you love and turning it into a business.

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