Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee

A natural-born entrepreneur, Aaron has been using his business acumen to launch successful projects ever since he was 17. A University of Southern California graduate, he’s co-founded five companies spanning fashion, events and e-commerce, including Shopame.com, which he sold to the South China Morning Post in 2015.

His most recent, Dash Serviced Suites, aims to provide conveniently located, all-inclusive serviced apartments for a little bit less in a city notorious for its sky-high rents. Professionals with a penchant for luxury living just love it; since launching in 2014, Dash has hit occupancy rates of nearly 100 per cent, throwing a spanner into the Hong Kong hospitality scene.

Besides Dash, Aaron is also an angel investor and philanthropist. In recent months, he’s been working on a new charity, Time Auction, which aims to empower aspiring young entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to meet and learn from Hong Kong mentors and business heavyweights.


Aaron Lee also features on the Generation T List 2016.

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