Eleanor Lam

Eleanor Lam

Eleanor is one of Hong Kong society’s brightest young stars and a social media phenomenon, boasting some 121,000 Instagram followers and counting. The 26-year-old It girl, who goes by Elly, is the daughter of Hong Kong tycoon Peter Lam and former Taiwanese actress Lynn Hsieh so is no stranger to the limelight. Elly’s as beautiful in real life as she appears in the virtual world, with an impeccable fashion sense and a bohemian style that makes her the perfect poster child for millennial cool.

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But this darling isn’t only about looks; talk to her for just five minutes and you’ll be won over by her focus, openness and authenticity. Her envy-inducing Instagram from a well-dressed, well-travelled life means luxury brands clamour to work with her, while her followers live vicariously through her snaps as she jets from Central to Coachella, party to pop-up, and festival to fashion show.

Find her on Instagram @ellyxxbean

Eleanor Lam also features on the Generation T List 2016.

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