Kevin Ma

Kevin Ma

With an average of 46 million page views per month, Hypebeast has come a long way since Kevin founded the site as a sneaker-centred passion project in 2005. Originally created as a news hub for everything to do with fashion, music and street culture, the entrepreneur-in-trainers’ passion project is now a global phenomenon with a reach that includes music, a print magazine and an e-commerce platform—and it has turned him into a global tastemaker in the process.

Kevin still likes to keep it real, relaxing by playing ping-pong on his personal table in his cool Kwai Chung office. Recently, Hypebeast went public to the tune of HK$65 million, proving that the value of cool should never, ever be underestimated.

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Kevin Ma also features on the 500 List and the Generation T List 2016.

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