Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse

Nic likes to joke that singer-actor Nicholas Tse stole the name from him. “I’m older— so I am the original Nic Tse,” he declares. Perhaps there’s room for two: both men are leading remarkable lives, albeit completely different ones. Our Nic is the creative force behind Mei Wah Tattoo, a tattoo parlour in Prince Edward that’s earned quite the cult following, both locally and abroad. He got interested in tattoo art at the age of 30, when he first got inked.

After an informal apprenticeship with French-Vietnamese tattoo master Leon Lam-Hien and a lot of self-practice, Nic’s become a mainstay on the international tattoo scene. Meh Wai, the by-appointment-only studio he opened in 2011, hosts guest artists from all over the world and boasts a serious wait list—so if you’re ready to go under the gun, Nic’s the man to see.



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