Nicole Fung

Nicole Fung

Nicole’s one of the two masterminds behind That Food Cray, the super-successful travel and food blog she started with friend Eugene Kan in 2012 as a side project while working in finance—only to quit her job and run it full-time. The platform is one of the brightest, smartest lifestyle sites out there, counting nearly 100,000 Instagram followers and hosting a load of great content. That Food Cray is working on a product line—watch for apparel, accessories and more coming your way soon.

Nicole’s also one of the founders of MISSBISH, a digital platform that focuses on women’s fashion, fitness and lifestyle with fellow Generation T lister Lindsay Jang. Nicole’s witty, down-to-earth and an unbiased food lover. So, yeah­—she’s the friend we all wish we had.

Find her on Instagram @thatfoodcray

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