Samson Young

Samson Young

Like many great artists, Samson eschews categorisation. Educated at Princeton, he was trained in music composition. In 2007, he became the first Hong Kong artist to receive the Bloomberg Emerging Artist Award with The Happiest Hour, a collection of Nintendo Game Boy-inspired audiovisual installations with Christopher Lau. In the last decade, Samson’s artistic endeavours have gone far beyond music making.

Today, they manifest in a variety of media and across disciplinary divides, from symphony orchestra composition amusement to multi-channel video art—including one in which he’s dressed as the red Teletubby. Samson’s works break free of galleries and concert halls, addressing global issues and political realities through auditory and visual investigations. His work has put him firmly on the list of the most interesting media performers of his generation. Not a surprise that he’s representing Hong Kong at this year’s Venice Biennale, then.

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