Steven Lam

Steven Lam

From running a small lunchbox business to one of Hong Kong’s hottest start-ups, Steven’s career has been nothing short of meteoric. A serial entrepreneur—as a student, he sold fixed-up bicycles, homemade computers and hot dogs— four years ago he launched GoGoVan, an on-demand logistics platform that matches idle drivers with customers who need things moved.

Since then, the “Uber for logistics” (as it’s been dubbed) has turned into a widely successful business and his most lucrative idea to date. Want some hard numbers? The company has expanded to 13 cities in Asia, has a network of 150,000 drivers and has processed more than 20 million orders. In August 2017, GoGoVan became Hong Kong's first billion-dollar start-up, after its merger with Chinese freight giant 58 Suyun. Steven’s definitely on the move.

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