Xania Wong

Xania Wong

Sit down with Xania for just five minutes and chances are you’ll leave inspired to start your own business, get involved in the community, launch a new groundbreaking project and win a few entrepreneurship awards. In fact, the Canadian-born Hong Konger boasts all of the above under her belt. Xania is the founder of Jobdoh, a company that matches temporary workers with employers in less than three minutes and has a social mission to reduce poverty.

She launched Jobdoh in 2015 after winning Google’s Empowering Young Entrepreneurs competition, and in the span of two years has seen it turn into Hong Kong’s leading online marketplace for on-demand hiring. It currently counts more than 6,000 employers and 110,000 registered workers, plus a retention rate of more than 80 per cent. Sound impressive? It is—just like Xania.

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