Jeanine Hsu

Jeanine Hsu

Having minimal impact on the planet without compromising on style is the name of the game for eco-jewellery designer Jeanine Hsu. She places sustainability and ethical practices at the core of her jewellery pieces—and for this she won the 2017 Women of Hope Eco-Warrior award. Jeanine’s come a long way from selling jewellery at market stalls in London, recently signing a contract to sell her pieces, which combine natural materials with artisanal work from across Southeast Asia, at Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Her brand also works with various environmental organisations such as WWF Hong Kong, The Nature Conservancy, Cuipo, Bloom, Plastic Oceans and The Shark Foundation to raise awareness and funds. Clearly, the world of fashion is a better place for this Central Saint Martin’s graduate, who otherwise might have found herself heading to the slopes to become a snowboarding instructor.

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