Pol Fàbrega

Pol Fàbrega

Urban farming is on the rise in Hong Kong, in large part due to the hard work of Rooftop Republic co-founder Pol Fàbrega. Since it was founded in 2015, the social enterprise has been rapidly gaining ground—literally. It has converted more than 40,000sqft of underused urban space in Hong Kong into more than 40 rooftop farms, and organised more than 250 events on the subject of urban farming. One of the winners of the Hong Kong government’s 2017 Social Enterprise Award, Rooftop Republic is now going regional, with Pol consulting on projects across Asia. Back home in Pol’s rooftop garden, visitors will find cherry tomatoes, lettuce, kale, beans, edible flowers and a wealth of fresh herbs— evidence that the enterprise’s mission of connecting people with their food and making cities greener is alive and well.

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