Thierry Chow

Thierry Chow

Thierry Chow is giving feng shui a modern makeover, providing a creative approach to understanding our environment and how it influences us. Surrounded by feng shui as a child, it was only as an adult that she came to realise its importance, going on to apprentice under her father, Chow Hon Ming, one of Hong Kong’s most revered feng shui masters. While respecting the traditions and practices of this ancient art, she reinterprets feng shui in more ways than one. Her company Tre uses a contemporary feng shui concept she established that encompasses both the emotional and the physical and can be used in all aspects of design, including interiors and fashion. Meanwhile, her recently published book, Love and Fate, is a feng shui influenced guide for love and relationships. Thierry also wants to fulfil her long-term ambition to become a fashion designer—and with plans in place to launch a feng shui homeware and fashion line, that goal looks ever closer.

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