Hong Kong's Rising Tech Stars


June 21, 2017 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

The international tech scene is no longer a private playground for Silicon Valley companies, with Asian players making waves on this side of the globe and beyond. To celebrate the talented individuals who are changing the face of the industry, the Asia Tatler editors and a panel of experts compiled a list of the top 50 rising tech stars in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia. Here are eight of Hong Kong's technological elite on the list.

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Photo: Courtesy of Catherine Tan

Catherine Tan

Why her? At the age of 34, Catherine left a career in investment banking to launch start-up Notey with her husband in 2014.

The biz Planning a trip and want to read some personal, first-hand reviews? Or perhaps you’re looking for a good wedding blog? In a content-rich, time-poor world, Notey filters the web, delivering the most relevant, engaging tatler_stories from thousands of blogs based on the reading habits of its millions of users. 

Hong Kong's Rising Tech Stars
Photo: Courtesy of Danny Yeung

Danny Yeung

Why him? At the age of 33, Gen.T lister Danny Yeung democratised genetic testing with Prenetics, the DNA-analysis company he founded in 2009.

The biz From a simple saliva swab, users can discover their risk for common cancers and major diseases, their optimal diet and their likely response to specific drugs.

Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Ma

Kevin Ma

Why him? At the age of 33, Gen.T lister Kevin Ma, ex-financier and self-proclaimed “sneakerhead”, started Hypebeast  as a side project in 2005.

The biz It’s now a well-respected authority on all things street culture—from high fashion to music and graffiti—and gets 47 million page views a month. It has spawned a quarterly print magazine and an online store, HBX, carrying 300+ brands. Ma has managed to harness the power of cool.

Hong Kong's Rising Tech Stars
Photo: Courtesy of Luke Grana

Luke Grana

Why him? The direct-to-consumer clothing company Gen.T lister Luke Grana founded in 2013, Grana, is changing the face of the industry.

The biz By cutting out the middleman, the company—with US$10 million in fresh funding secured last year led by Alibaba’s entrepreneurship fund—offers high-quality basics at a fraction of the usual price. 

Photo: Courtesy of Michelle Sun

Michelle Sun

Why her? After taking part in a 12-week women-only coding course in the US, Gen.T lister Michelle Sun left her job at Goldman Sachs to start First Code Academy in Hong Kong in 2013.

The biz What began as a one-day, girls-only coding workshop has grown into a range of courses for children of both genders. There’s now a five-year curriculum, and three students were recently invited to show off their apps at MIT. The company recently expanded operations to Singapore.

Hong Kong's Rising Tech Stars
Photo: Courtesy of Simon Loong

Simon Loong

Why him? This Stanford graduate aims to democratise access to credit with WeLab, the online lending platform he founded in 2013.

The biz WeLab has already acquired more than 13 million users and processed US$9 billion in loan applications. Last year WeLab was described in a KPMG report as the No. 6 fintech company in China. Loong is also an avid kick-boxer, so you’d better not be late with your repayments.

Photo: Courtesy of Steven Lam

Steven Lam

Why him? Gen.T lister Steven Lam is the man who made moving house hassle-free when he launched GoGoVan in 2013.

The biz Gone are the days of waiting hours for a call centre to locate your man-with-a-van. The 31-year-old’s on-demand logistics app puts businesses and individuals directly in touch with drivers, allowing bookings to be made 24/7 and within minutes. 

What's more In August 2017, GoGoVan became Hong Kong's first billion-dollar start-up, after its merger with Chinese freight giant 58 Suyun. Steven’s definitely on the move.

Hong Kong's Rising Tech Stars
Photo: Courtesy of Laiza S.

Wesley Ng

Gen.T lister Wesley Ng left a career in graphic design to start Casetify, an accessories company that enables customers to personalise their phone cases with favourite quotes or Instagram pics.

The biz With Snapchat marketing and celebrity endorsements, the 35-year-old has created the world’s third-largest tech accessories brand in just five years.

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