8 Badass Female Entrepreneurs You Need To Know


March 8, 2018 | BY Lee Williamson

In honour of International Women’s Day, here are eight female entrepreneurs from the Generation T List 2017 who continue to break new ground


Nana Chan

Founder, Plantation

In a city with a coffee shop on every corner, Chan is on a mission to make tea hot again—one cup at a time. Her contemporary teahouse Teakha is an oasis of calm in Sheung Wan, and last year she launched craft tea company Plantation to get Hong Kong brewing again.

See Nana Chan’s full profile.

8 Badass Female Entrepreneurs You Need To Know

Norma Chu

Founder, DayDayCook

In the space of five years, Chu has turned her popular food blog into a multi-channel lifestyle platform that hits 150 million views a month in Mainland China. No wonder the savvy digital entrepreneur is being dubbed a “millennial Martha Stewart”.

See Norma Chu’s full profile.


Nicole Fung

Co-founder of Missbish and That Food Cray

Not content with being a mastermind behind just one genre-defining lifestyle blog—with food and travel site That Food Cray—Fung is also co-founder of Missbish, a female-focused digital platform that recently launched its own line of athleisure.

See Nicole Fung’s full profile.

8 Badass Female Entrepreneurs You Need To Know

Lindsay Jang

Co-founder of Yardbird, Ronin and Sunday’s Grocery

Jang is the powerhouse behind some of Hong Kong’s most disruptive dining concepts. Her restaurant Yardbird, a no-reservations izakaya, is still one of the hottest tables in the city, years after first opening. She’s also a yoga practitioner and co-founded Missbish with Nicole Fung. So yeah, not much one for lying about.

See Lindsay Jang’s full profile.


Betty Ng

Founder, Collective

In 2015, Ng left OMA and the mentorship of ‘starchitect’ Rem Koolhaas to go it alone—and hasn’t looked back since. Her architecture startup Collective recently picked up a Silver at the DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017 for its first-ever project, and continues to take on ever more ambitious commissions.

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8 Badass Female Entrepreneurs You Need To Know

Ying Kwok

Founder, Art Appraisal Club

Kwok worked around the world as an in-demand curator before returning to Hong Kong in 2013 to launch Art Appraisal Club, a platform to encourage critical thinking and discussion by disseminating exhibition news, reviews and art-related essays. Oh, and she also curated the Hong Kong Pavilion at last year’s Venice Biennale. No biggie.

See Ying Kwok’s full profile.


Elaine Yan Ling Ng

Founder, The Fabrick Lab

Multi-media artist Ng is on a mission to put the Hong Kong textiles industry back on the map. Her startup The Fabrick Lab uses a combination of traditional fabric-weaving techniques and cutting-edge biomimicry (design based on the principles of nature and biology) to create stunning pieces you’ll want.

See Elaine Yan Ling Ng’s full profile.

8 Badass Female Entrepreneurs You Need To Know

Xania Wong

Founder, Jobdoh

Wong is the founder of Jobdoh, a recruitment platform that uses AI to match companies with temporary workers. In the space of just a couple of years, Jobdoh has turned into Hong Kong’s leading online marketplace for on-demand hiring, helping hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers find employment in the process. 

See Xania Wong’s full profile.

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