“I Don’t Like Losing, Especially Not To Lewis”: Nico Rosberg On Leaving F1 And Life As An Entrepreneur


January 8, 2018 | BY Lee Williamson

The former Formula One world champion talks innovation, perseverance and the thrill of going out on top


Five days after winning the 2016 Formula One world championship, German driver Nico Rosberg stunned the world of racing by announcing his retirement from the sport at the age of 31.

Rosberg left the high-pressure world of motorsport—and his famously seething rivalry with Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton—to focus on a new chapter in his life as a father and entrepreneur, later saying “life has more to offer than driving around in circles”.

“I decided to be courageous and go out on a high,” Rosberg tells Generation T. “It has a special power, going out on a high. It’s such a boost for the next step in life.” 

We sit down with Rosberg at the IWC boutique in Pacific Pace, which he’s visiting as part of his role as an ambassador for the Swiss watchmaker, to hear more about that next step.

Video: Kevin Cureau | Interview: Charlene Co