IWC Presents The Generation T 2017 Pioneers


June 27, 2017 | BY Erica Fong

Find out what drives these young entrepreneurs


 Video: Luke Kelly/Hong Kong Tatler

"Failure is not a word in my dictionary," says Tony Verb. As intimidating as that sounds, he goes on to explain that "failure is just a type of learning on the way to success." Phew. 

The 33-year-old managing partner of Metta joins four other inspirational Generation T listers in our video presented by IWC Schaffhausen, including Lindsay Jang, founder of Yardbird, Ronin, Sunday's Grocery & Miss Bish; Wesley Ng, founder of Casetify; Laurel Chor, founder of Hong Kong Explorers Initiative and Aaron Lee, founder of Dash Serviced Suites.

Click play to find out what drives these young entrepreneurs to succeed—and prepare to be inspired.

people in this story

Wesley Ng

Founder, Casetify

Tony Verb

Managing partner, Metta

Aaron Lee

Founder, Dash Serviced Suites

Laurel Chor

Founder, Hong Kong Explorers Initiative

Lindsay Jang

Co-founder of Yardbird, Ronin and Sunday’s Grocery