In The Bag: Jeanine Hsu of Niin


October 22, 2018 | BY Lee Williamson

The founder and designer of eco-jewellery brand Niin shows us what she carries around every day to help manage her demanding schedule





Video: Tyrone Wu & Kenneth Chan/Hong Kong Tatler

In the very early days of her business, Jeanine Hsu sold her jewellery at a market stall. Admittedly, it was at London’s trendy Portobello Market, but still—Hsu has come a long way in a short space of time.

Today, her jewellery—which places sustainability and ethical practices at the core of every piece—is available at premier retail locations in Hong Kong, as well as Niin’s flagship Sheung Wan boutique. 

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The brand’s utilises natural materials and artisanal work from across Southeast Asia to make good on its mission to “tread lightly on the earth”.

We asked Hsu to show us what she carries around wherever she goes, in the hope it might offer a glimpse into her daily life and her entrepreneurial journey so far.

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