11 Hong Kong Tech Influencers on the Rise


October 3, 2016 | BY Rebecca Cairns

Make sure you know these eleven inspiring entrepreneurs taking the tech world by storm

Dynamic and fast-paced, the tech-scene is a world of limitless innovation and boundless opportunity – if you know how to grab it. From the inspirational individuals on our Generation T list come eleven entrepreneurs, inventors and business leaders who were tech-savvy and street-smart enough to get their big ideas from their heads to the web, and beyond. If you want to get anywhere in the tech world, these are the big names you need to know.

 Terence Kwok: Founder of Tink Labs

Terence Kwok_1.jpg

Young and extremely talented, Tink Labs founder Terrence Kwok brought to the world Handy: a smartphone designed for travellers to use on holiday and abroad, equipped with downloaded travel guides, and unlimited minutes and internet data. Handy has become a staple of the service industry in Asia, and international investors have realised its scope, leading to a recent US$125 million investment from three leading tech firms to kickstart Tink Lab's expansion - expect to see Handy in hotels across the globe within the year. 

Alister Musgrave: Co-Founder and CEO of MoneyHero


Crossing the globe from Ireland to Hong Kong, Alister Musgrave has made his mark on the fintech industry with his website, MoneyHero. As one of the financial capitals of the world, Alister’s comparison site has brought some much-needed order and clarity to Hong Kong’s crowded finance sector, comparing loans, mortgages, credit cards and insurance across the city.

Joanna Cheung: Founder of TusPark

Gent T 1 JC.jpg

Providing office resources and space to start-ups, small businesses and even students, Tuspark Global Network has expanded quickly through Hong Kong and China. Joanna Cheung provides entrepreneurs lacking an office, work address, or even a desk with access to a streamlined, contemporary and professional space and international network of peers, helping them to get off the ground.

Arthur Law: Founder of Vectr Ventures


From virtual reality goggles, to robots with emotions, to state-of-the-art hologram systems, Arthur Law has done it all – and is still doing more. His company, Vectr Ventures, is the investment firm that wants to fund your great idea. Arthur loves projects which solve a problem and can change the world – this is a guy who can turn your million-dollar idea into a million-dollar product.

Jenny Lee: Head of Growth at WeLab

Jenny Lee.jpg

WeLab has been revolutionising traditional banking systems in Hong Kong and China since 2013, and a large part of that success has been thanks to Jenny Lee. She started out in investment banking, but took a chance on the recent start-up company and joined the team in 2014 – and she’s never looked back. Now one of the leading women in the fintech sector, her determination and fearlessness is securing WeLab as the internet banking service of today and tomorrow.  

Candice Lo: Head of Talent at Uber Asia Pacific


Uber, the informal taxi-service app, has enjoyed global popularity since its launch in 2009, and its success in the Asia-Pacific region has been largely due to the efforts of Candice Lo. From Bali to Beijing, Candice has opened up the world for Uber and the millions of customers in south-east Asia now using the app.

Kevin Ma: Founder of HypeBeast Kevin Ma.jpg

From a small blog in 2005 to 46 million page views per month in 2016, Hypebeast has transformed from a passion project to a million dollar business. Founder Kevin Ma originally began the site as a news hub to share his love of sneakers and all things fashion. Now, it hosts a variety of content, including music and culture, turning Kevin into a trendsetter for all things hot and happening. 

Florian Simmendinger: Co-Founder and CEO Soundbrenner
Florian Simmendinger.jpg

From the whiteboard to store shelves, Florian Simmendinger turned his million-dollar idea into a reality in just one year. The Sounbrenner Pulse is the must-have product for musicians, eliminating the irritating tick of the metronome. Practical and sleek, it’s taking the musical world by storm. 

Michelle Sun: CEO and Founder of First Code Academy

Michelle Sun.jpg

It all started with a women-only coding event in Silicon Valley – and Michelle Sun has never looked back. After leaving her job at Goldman Sachs, she entered the tech world and started First Code Academy in 2013 to help young children get started in coding and app design. Michelle wants to give more women the opportunity to break the silicon ceiling: she collaborated with TecHKU in 2015 for the event Girls4Tech to encourage teenage girls to get involved with the tech world and is co-founder of Women Who Code HK.

Igor Wos: Co-Founder of Tofu Pay

Igor profile.png

Igor Wos saw a gap in the market for an Asian-equivalent to PayPal – and that’s where TofuPay comes in. He met his co-founders at a start-up fair in 2014, and they developed the currency-specific and streamlined site, making waves in the Asia fintech sector and securing his place as a rising star in fintech.

 Sam Allen: CEO of Compare Asia Group
Sam Allen.jpg

Recently appointed CEO of Compare Asia Group, Sam Allen is using his intensive knowledge and experience of the finance sector to make life easier for the rest of us. Unifying money comparison sites for the Asia-Pacific region, including Alister Musgrave’s MoneyHero, Sam wants to increase widespread understanding of finances.



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