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Wealth Luxury At Your Fingertips: 3 Hong Kong Lifestyle Apps You Need Right Now

Luxury At Your Fingertips: 3 Hong Kong Lifestyle Apps You Need Right Now

Luxury At Your Fingertips: 3 Hong Kong Lifestyle Apps You Need Right Now
By Marie Haddad
July 09, 2018

Fast-paced and ever-changing, Hong Kong is the epitome of a demanding and opulent city. So it's not surprising that the city has become the birthplace of several high-end service apps that tend to your every need.

From concierge services, community reviews and shopping, we’ve rounded up the three most luxurious and essential apps that guarantee easy lavish living below.

1/3 Butler

Photo: Courtesy of ButlerAsia
Photo: Courtesy of ButlerAsia

Best for: Your daily needs

What it provides: House cleaning, dog walking, secretarial duties, you name it and Butler can do it by providing high quality services with professional ‘butlers’ that have had at least three years of hospitality experience and extra ‘Butler management training’. 

Time is a luxury, especially in Hong Kong, so wouldn’t it be nice to have your meals prepped, clothes ironed and flights booked without having to worry?

For your every request, Butler is a technological miracle. Co-founders Angues Chan, Jonathan Lam and Jeffrey Ma have created a three-tiered premium concierge app—silver, gold and diamond—that provides personalised home services with a tap of a button.  

As stated by the co-founders, “Butler is Asia’s only trusted home management service provider that brings bespoke experience beyond your front door, at scale.” 

Available for free for iOS

2/3 Luxe Observer

Photo: Courtesy of Luxe Observer
Photo: Courtesy of Luxe Observer

Best for: Finding the best of the best in luxury services

What it provides: User-generated critiques, reviews and bespoke databases of luxury stores, art galleries and other high-end services.

Ever find yourself unable to find the best service, product variety or location for your favourite luxury labels? Enter Luxe Observer.

The app creates a sense of togetherness amongst luxury aficionados by presenting a platform to express preferences and afflictions towards over 300 global luxury services, including labels ranging from Hermes and Breitling to Christie’s. Founder Virginie Morin reinstates the significance of determining the standards of deluxe services by saying "Quality and satisfaction in luxury should be a mindset". 

On top of that, by using a geolocation system and individualised databases, inclusive of exchange rates and sizing guides, Luxe Observer is your personal pocket guide ensuring the highest quality luxury experiences. With a few clicks, reliable reviews and peace of mind are at your fingertips.

Available for free for iOS and Android 


Photo: Courtesy of LUXIFY
Photo: Courtesy of LUXIFY

Best for: Your luxury shopping habit

What it provides: An online shopping  platform that offers verified luxury products ranging from supercars to yachts, real-estate, antiques and high jewellery.

LUXIFY is the go-to app for fulfilling your most luxurious fantasies, offering everything from vintage war planes to private islands and even exclusive Bugattis. Founder Alexis Zirah ensures the credibility of their products, saying, “LUXIFY only works with selected luxury brands, professionals and luxury dealers around the world.”

Launched in 2013, the Hong Kong-based app has grown exponentially over the last five years in diversity and reliability. Today, with 10,000 luxury items for sale, why look elsewhere for your next shopping spree?

Available for free for iOS  


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