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Travel 48 Hours In Moscow: Day 2

48 Hours In Moscow: Day 2

48 Hours In Moscow: Day 2
By Melissa Twigg
June 21, 2018
We continue our journey, as Tatler Russia social editor Masha Limonova takes Melissa Twigg on a whirlwind tour of hidden gems and the best addresses in Moscow

Day 2


If you only remember one location in Moscow, make it Denis Simachev. Open 24 hours a day, it is the key hangout for everyone in the fashion industry—so much so that fashionistas rarely specify where they’re meeting as it’s always at Simachev.

Come early for breakfast and mingle with the sprightly just-out-of-bed crowd and the not-so-sprightly been-dancing-since-dusk one.


Walk to the absurdly beautiful Ploshchad Revolyutsii subway station, take the Metro and pop up 20 minutes later at Kievskaya.

Around the corner, you will find Hotel Ukraina—otherwise known as the Radisson Royal—which was originally commissioned by Stalin and is now home to an impressive array of contemporary Russian art.

From the hotel dock, rent a small yacht and sail up the river past the Kremlin and Gorky Park. Request a snack pack, which comes with caviar and vodka.

Hotel Ukraina (Photo: Shutterstock)
Hotel Ukraina (Photo: Shutterstock)


Hop off at the Kremlin and head to the Armoury Chamber, which has 4,000 collectibles from the era of the tsars, including one of the world’s largest collections of diamonds, exquisite tiaras and pieces of jewellery, and even diamond-encrusted playing cards.

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The city’s best concierges will be able to nab you a window table at Dr Zhivago, a high-end restaurant in Red Square serving classic Russian and Soviet dishes.

The interior is almost as distracting as the voluminous multicoloured domes outside, with crystal chandeliers, ornate ceilings and dramatic artworks.

Dr Zhivago (Photo: Like a local guide)
Dr Zhivago (Photo: Like a local guide)


If your energy level is still high, hop in a taxi for a 30-minute journey to the outskirts of Moscow to see one of the most extraordinary palaces in the country.

Before the revolution, Arkhangelskoye Palace belonged to Prince Nikolai Yusupov, who would undoubtedly be editor of Tatler Russia if he were alive today. Now a state museum, it has been beautifully renovated to reflect the style of the 18th century, including monuments to Catherine the Great.

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Soothe away any aches and pains from all that sightseeing with a deep-tissue massage at the Barvikha Hotel. Its gold-plated spa is renowned among Moscow high society as the best in the city.

Arkhangelskoye Palace (Photo: Dreamstime)
Arkhangelskoye Palace (Photo: Dreamstime)


Georgian food has become a major trend Moscow, harking back to Soviet days when Georgia’s sun-dappled hills were the breadbasket of the union.

Sakhli brings old-world Tbilisi to the Russian capital, assisted by a hearty Georgian band that plays most nights. Make sure you have Sakhli’s legendary khinkali, which are giant dumplings eaten with your hands.


Finish the day where you started it—dancing the night away in Simachev. Who knows, you might make it through to breakfast.

This is the second part in a three-part "48 Hours In Moscow" series on Stay tuned for more.

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