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Arts 5 Innovative Art Projects To Back On Kickstarter

5 Innovative Art Projects To Back On Kickstarter

5 Innovative Art Projects To Back On Kickstarter
By Isabel Wong
September 26, 2017

Kickstarter is not just a platform for budding entrepreneurs to test out their ideas and inventions, it's also a friendly space for up-and-coming artists to find support for their projects. As for anyone who is looking to invest in world-changing ideas, this online space where anything is possible is a goldmine for spotting potential talent.

Here are five art projects that caught our eye:

1/5 Send your art into space

Photo: Courtes of Nevada Museum of Art
Photo: Courtes of Nevada Museum of Art

If you are into all things space-related, you will not want to miss this project. Contemporary artist Trevor Paglen is teaming up with the Nevada Museum of Art to make his out-of-this-world (literally) idea come true. If funded, the project will launch the first satellite into space that would exist purely for art's sake. How does it work? Imagine a diamond-shaped balloon that will be visible to the naked eye as it reflects sunlight back to Earth for approximately two months.

For more details, visit Trevor Paglen: Orbital Reflector

2/5 Your new best friend for miniature painting

Photo: Courtesy of Everlasting
Photo: Courtesy of Everlasting

Fellow painters, if the fast rate at which acrylic paint dries bothers you, we've finally discovered a solution. This is said to be the best wet palette for miniature painting, as it has been designed to keep your paint moisturised to save paint, time, and minimise frustration.

For more details, visit Everlasting

3/5 Colour like the Duchess

Photo: Courtesy of LA COIA
Photo: Courtesy of LA COIA

Adult colouring books are all the rage thanks to its creative and therapeutic benefits. Even the Duchess of Cambridge cites it as one of her favourite pastimes. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, this elegant colouring set is a great way to start. It includes a book featuring beautiful designs by 10 female artists around the world, wooden colouring pencils, blooming flower tea, a limited edition soy candle and other goodies for an all-around relaxing experience.

For more details, visit LA COIA Kit & Colouring Book

4/5 The table that helps you meditate

Photo: Courtesy of Sisyphus
Photo: Courtesy of Sisyphus

This kinetic art table is designed to assist meditation. Being one of the most successful art projects on Kickstarter, Sisyphus is a glass-topped table with a two-motor robot programmed to draw therapeutic patterns on the kinetic sand. You will be able to control what patterns the robot draws and at what pace via a mobile app.

For more details, visit Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table

5/5 Coal cookies, anyone?

Photo: Courtesy of Spencer Merolla
Photo: Courtesy of Spencer Merolla

Brooklyn-based artist Spencer Merolla is looking for backers to help her build a mobile bakery counter that she can take out onto the streets. The mobile bakery will serve “sweet treats” like cookies, mini cheesecakes, cupcakes, and birthday cakes made out of coal in an effort to bring attention to climate change. Can you eat the cookies? Probably not. But you will be part of a fun performance art piece that aims at protecting the environment. 

For more details, visit Coal Comforts: A Climate Change Art “Bakery”


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