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Wellness 5 Eco Apps For Green Living In Hong Kong

5 Eco Apps For Green Living In Hong Kong

5 Eco Apps For Green Living In Hong Kong
By Hong Kong Tatler
August 20, 2018
From sustainable seafood to free water sources, Hong Kong eco-warriors recommend their top eco apps

1/5 Richard Ekkebus

Director of Culinary Operations and Food & Beverage at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental

With more than 70 percent of the world’s commercial marine fish stocks fully exploited or over-fished, we’re especially committed to only sourcing sustainably.

There are three apps I use in my kitchen when making menus to understand which fish or seafood should or should not be on our menu: Seafood Guide by WWF Hong Kong, Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide and the Seafood guide by Marine Conservation Society.

Download the app here

2/5 Yolanda Choy-Tang

Co-founder of Eco Drive, Central Weddings and Vera Wang Bridal 

The Water for Free app is an excellent resource for when I’m running around town and need a place to refill my water bottle, usually at Canteen at Princes building or at McDonalds in Admiralty. I also carry a recyclable tote around with a food container, extra plastic bags and a reusable drinking bottle.  You’ll be amazed how much plastic you can save by carrying this handy bag around!

Download the app here

3/5 Laurel Chor

Conservationist and Founder of the Hong Kong Explorers Initiative

When it comes to eating seafood, Hong Kong eats a lot—in fact, we are the eight biggest consumers of seafood in the world! A massive percentage of that seafood comes from unsustainable sources. The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch app is a good resource I use to make sure I’m making sustainable choices and minimising my impact on the environment.

Download the app here

4/5 Daryl Ng

Deputy Chairman of Sino Group

Like many developed cities Hong Kong is in dire need of outside-of-the-box urban solutions; two we’re working on are the city air purification system, which won gold at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva and works to purify air in open space; and an in-building hydropower system to generate hydroelectricity using unused water head in pipelines that reduces up to 700 kg of carbon dioxide emission each year (that’s equivalent to about 30 trees).

5/5 Jaclyn Tsang

Senior account director at Karla Otto

I get much of my inspiration from the eco-conscious advocates I follow on Instagram who always have amazing hacks to share, such as @livekindlyco and @plantbasednews for their plant-based meal ideas, who does reviews of sustainable products; and, who deserves a shout-out for leading the charge in promoting zero-waste awareness and opportunities within the local community.

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