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Wellness5 Key Takeaways From The Landmark Forum Featuring Jessica Alba

5 Key Takeaways From The Landmark Forum Featuring Jessica Alba

5 Key Takeaways From The Landmark Forum Featuring Jessica Alba
By Erica Fong
June 06, 2018

Last Friday, Landmark hosted a packed forum in the Landmark Atrium featuring Hollywood celebrity and founder of The Honest Company Jessica Alba, master chef Richard Ekkebus, Tatler 500 lister Sharie Ross-Tse, Generation T lister Luke Grana to share their personal stories on the topics of health, work-life balance and sustainability.

If you missed it, not to worry. We've got the five biggest takeaways from the event below:

1/5Read labels and make conscious decisions

Photo: Courtesy of Landmark
Photo: Courtesy of Landmark

Jessica Alba went from Hollywood actress to mumpreneur by creating The Honest Company in 2011, which produces eco-friendly, safe and affordable products for the household.

“I wanted better products—[for] what I was putting on my baby, what I was putting on myself,” she shared. “I didn’t know why we had to compromise on their health when we wanted effective products for our everyday life.”

"This little person meant so much more to me than I could ever imagine. I just wanted to keep her safe so she could live her happiest, healthiest life. It inspired me so much so that I created a company around that idea."

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Her advice? "Read labels. Know what you’re bringing in your home. Know what ingredients you should probably avoid because what you put on your body, what you clean your home with and what you put in and around your baby doesn't just affect your health but goes down the drain into the ocean. So it doesn’t only do yourself harm but it does harm to others."

2/5Buy quality over quantity

Luke Grana, the founder of Grana, an online fashion startup producing quality basics in luxurious fabrics, shared their ambitions to shake up the fashion industry.

“We learned that [the fashion industry] is one of the biggest polluters in the world—the second biggest after oil, and the second biggest user of water.

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“As a team, we came together to see how we could work differently. We're moving towards more organic fabrics, less use of pesticides and water, more natural-based dyeing and transparency in our supply chain with a goal of 100 percent traceability by 2020.”

Luke’s advice? "Buy quality over quantity. At Grana, we talk about cost per wear. You could buy a fast fashion product for US$20 that you only wear four times, or you could buy a luxury garment for US$200 dollars that you wear 100 times. It's about quality over quantity and choosing products made to last."

3/5Invest in your health

Tatler 500 lister and co-founder of REVIV Sharie Ross-Tse shared her inspirational story of beating cancer and choosing consciously to live a healthy lifestyle.

“I knew I wanted not just to be a survivor, because [they] operate on fear—I wanted to live. Live as a proactive, strong, healthy and socially conscious individual.

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Together with her husband and children, she continued, “What we do in our lives is, we try to make socially conscious decisions. We eat well, we exercise. Thru REVIV, our aim is to educate and promote wellness. Ultimately, you want it to be ubiquitous that being healthy and well is just a given, that being socially conscious is just a given.”

Sharie’s advice? "Empower yourself with knowledge about what you need to do in order to live a more active lifestyle. Ultimately, invest in health—it’s your one biggest luxury."

4/5Eat sustainably and reduce plastic consumption

Richard Ekkebus, culinary director of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, shed light on eating sustainably, the growing plastics problem in Hong Kong and how we can alleviate the problem.

“[Hong Kong] is a very hungry city. It’s one of the cities where people eat 120kg of seafood each year per capita. We saw the amount of pressure on the ecosystem,” he said, explaining why Amber has a 20 percent vegetarian menu.

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“I’m the guy who makes the menu so I can decide what people eat—I make sure that people eat better and they are more conscious about the decisions they make.”

With regards to plastic, he shared plans to create the first urban garden in Hong Kong in order to fulfil the needs of their restaurants: growing small flowers and herbs to reduce single-use plastics from supermarkets, and reusing food waste such as leftover coffee grinds to reduce their carbon footprint.

Richard’s advice? "Stop buying plastic bottled water for the simple reason that in HK only, we produce about 5.2 million plastic bottles a day, which is unsustainable. Get yourself a good filter system or filterable jar. Water should not be transported from Tuscany to Hong Kong anymore."

5/5Make business sustainable for the next generation

Photo: Courtesy of Landmark
Photo: Courtesy of Landmark

As a champion in eco-business, Jessica highlighted the importance of supporting a cause.

“If you create a business these days, people just expect you to do better. Having a social entrepreneurship—that’s just a modern way of doing business: by tying it back to an issue that’s bigger than you.”

“The old ways need to be challenged. You need to shake it up,” she continued. “The planet can only take so much. We need to be more responsible and efficient.”

“There’s a consciousness among millennials and Gen Z that previous generations didn’t have. The internet has given everyone access to the world, and I feel like kids these days are so connected. They really are global citizens who have a global responsibility to humanity and the planet. I think it’s great and I’m very hopeful for that.”

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