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Arts Go Green: 5 Ways To Live More Sustainably In Hong Kong

Go Green: 5 Ways To Live More Sustainably In Hong Kong

Go Green: 5 Ways To Live More Sustainably In Hong Kong
Photo: Courtesy of MANA!
By Natasha Tang
August 16, 2019
Tackling climate change and plastic pollution may seem like a daunting task, but you can still do your part. Get inspired by Hong Kong's eco heroes who are making the world a more sustainable place with these five ways to go green:

1/5 Buy your groceries in bulk

Photo: Courtesy of Slowood HK
Photo: Courtesy of Slowood HK

Save a few trips to the grocery store and avoid plastic waste by buying your groceries in bulk. Stores like Slowood, Edgar and Live Zero all sell spices, grains, nuts and other items in bulk—just remember to bring your own containers.

“When you bring your own container, you don’t have to buy packaged foods. It’s a way to save the world and a way to reduce waste as well”—Dora Lam and Chen Kai-ping, founders of Slowood

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2/5 Fill up your water bottle at Urban Spring's Wells

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Spring
Photo: Courtesy of Urban Spring

It's crucial to stay hydrated when walking around Hong Kong in the summer heat. That's why Urban Spring has placed refilling stations all around the city to ensure that your reusable bottle is always filled. There are around 200 "Wells" around Hong Kong, and so far 2,400,000 plastic bottles have been saved from the landfill.

“Did you know that every single day we are turning 5 million plastic bottles into a landfill in Hong Kong? If you can be a part of this, we will have much less bottles in the landfill.”—Ada Yip, CEO Of Urban Spring

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3/5 Follow Green Queen

Green Queen's website and social media accounts have everything you need to know about all things environmental and wellness-related, from news stories to tips on how to eliminate waste. Look out for her upcoming events, including her Vegan Dinner Series which cast light on a local NGO and the UN Sustainable Developments Goals.

“Buy less stuff, most of us have more than what we need. And most of us buy without thinking. So in all aspects of your life really think about whether you need something and even better, try to go on a one month challenge where you don’t buy anything except food.”—Sonalie Figueiras, Founder of Green Queen

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4/5 Have a plant-based meal at MANA!

Photo: Courtesy of MANA!
Photo: Courtesy of MANA!

Mana! Fast Slow Food recently graced Wanchai with its presence with the new opening of their Star Street location. If you're looking to eat more sustainably, the plant-based cafe has everything from signature wraps, to plant-based burgers and even vegan cookies.

“Changing your diet is probably the most important and most powerful thing any human being can do today. At Mana! we’re very clear—our slogan is 'diet change not climate change'. Why? Because our diet, collectively as a humanity of almost eight billion souls, is responsible not only for global warming and climate change but everything that comes with it. We are literally eating our planet.”—Bobsy Gaia, Founder Of Mana!

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5/5 Sign into the Breadline app

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

Help redistribute leftover bread and loaves from Hong Kong's many bakeries to charities in need. By using the crowd-sourcing app Breadline, you'll be connected to bakeries and able to take action.

“We’ve always associated hunger with developing countries. Now we’re talking about food security in very rich cosmopolitan cities.”—Daisy Tam, founder of Breadline and Hong Kong Foodworks

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