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Cars 8 Essentials To Be A Gentleman With Brandon Chau

8 Essentials To Be A Gentleman With Brandon Chau

8 Essentials To Be A Gentleman With Brandon Chau
By Hong Kong Tatler
July 26, 2019
BMW Focus
The man of style shares eight tips to be a gentleman

Brandon Chau wears many hats. He is the co-founder of Attire House, founder of Noblesse Group, husband to Jenny and father of three young boys—but that doesn’t stop him from being the dapper gentleman he is known for in Hong Kong’s social scene.

Praised for his mannerism and style, Brandon shares tips on staying on schedule, looking polished and showing respect:

Photo: Affa Chan/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Affa Chan/Hong Kong Tatler

1/8 A gentleman is always in style  

I prefer to wear a tailored suit by one of my bespoke tailors during the week and I have a fondness for double breasted suits. In the summer, I would usually opt for linen, cotton or a lightweight high twist wool suit, in lighter colours such as tobacco brown, olive green or pale grey, which would appear more casual and less businesslike. For summer suits, I prefer southern Italian style and most of my summer wardrobe is tailored by the Neapolitan tailors Cesare Attolini.

I think looking smart is important for a good first impression and I prefer to wear a tie with my suit most of the time. I tend to keep the colours of my outfit quite simple and perhaps with not more than two contrasting colours. Nothing beats a nice polished oxfords but sometimes I would opt for a pair of loafers for a more relaxed look. 

Photo: Affa Chan/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Affa Chan/Hong Kong Tatler

2/8 A gentleman never forgets his table manners

I believe there are many etiquette references out there but I am always conscious of not making big movements or sounds that might disturb my neighbours. Also I try my best not make a mess!

3/8 A gentleman holds the door open

My father always used to say a gentleman should always open the door for a lady or your guests, whether it is a car door or a door to a building. It sounds a bit old fashioned nowadays but chivalry is never out of style!

Video: Kevin Cheung/Hong Kong Tatler

4/8 A gentleman is always punctual 

This could be difficult in this day and age as we are always very busy whether socially or for work. But planning ahead helps and I try not to pack my meetings back to back and allow ample traveling time between meetings. If there are unexpected delays, I will try my best to inform my next appointment as early as possible.

Photo: Affa Chan/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Affa Chan/Hong Kong Tatler

5/8 A gentleman always strives for a higher standard

I believe a gentleman cares about quality and appreciates fine craftsmanship. Whether it is the streamline of the car or the sound of the engines or the state of the arts technology, a fine automobile is something that a gentleman could relate to and rely on in their daily lives. 

6/8 A gentleman is confident, but not arrogant

I believe every gentleman should be confident in themselves and have a conviction in their beliefs. But appearing confident does not equal to arrogance which is a complete disregard of other people’s beliefs or ideas.

A gentleman is not afraid to speak his mind but also to offer an apology when he is wrong. A gentleman acts with natural confidence that comes from knowledge and experience but never condescendence. 

Photo: Affa Chan/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Affa Chan/Hong Kong Tatler

7/8 A gentleman is respectful

Respecting others is important whether you are a gentleman or not. I believe standing up for your beliefs is important but a gentleman always respects other people’s view, even when they are different to his own. Starting a debate or an argument over the dinner table with your guests is not acceptable.

8/8 A gentleman keeps his hygiene in check 

I believe a gentleman should always stay groomed and cleaned. Basic hygiene is of course necessary, but it is also important to visit the barbers regularly to have your hair properly trimmed and tidy. Fingers should always be manicured and your body should be scented deodorant during the hot summer days. 

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