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Homes An Interior Designer Makes Her Home A Comfortable and Modern Nest

An Interior Designer Makes Her Home A Comfortable and Modern Nest

An Interior Designer Makes Her Home A Comfortable and Modern Nest
By Leanne Mirandilla
January 23, 2017
This flat is surrounded by spectacular views and filled with artwork and curios from around the world


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

“Our agent knows exactly the sort of apartment my husband and I look for,” explains interior designer Deborah Scemama Guttieres. “Modern, lots of light and a great view with lots of trees in sight. We need to be surrounded by nature. Whether we live on the south side or on Bowen Road, the sky, trees and sometimes the sea form the view.”

Deborah took on the design and the furnishing of their new home herself. While she sourced her furnishings from a number of different design studios, the shades of the upholstery tie all the pieces together – in the couple’s current home, the pieces are white to match the colour palette of white, beige and light wood, with pops of bright red to add colour and character. Most of the home’s statement pieces are by US design firm Knoll, such as the Saarinen Womb chair and Saarinen dining table surrounded by Tulip chairs.  


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

The living area provides a spectacular view of the city.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

An Autoban Deco sofa mingles with a round sofa and rug by Maxalto in the living room; the lighting piece Kelly by Studio Italia Design adds a touch of creative whimsy.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

Bellhop (2007) by Boo Ritson hangs above Enea Bontempi sideboard in the dining room.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

An enlarged version of the special Karl Lagerfeld hologram cover for fashion biannual AnOther Magazine's 15th anniversary issue.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

Bright artworks scattered through the home kick off plenty of conversations while infusing the space with colour.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

Prints of Cecil Beaton's Audrey Triptych (1964) sit above the Maxalto bed by Febo in the master bedroom.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

Her extensive jewellery collection – stored in a leather jewellery case and displayed in the master bedroom – calls to mind the years she spent as a jewellery designer before turning her attention to interiors.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

A sprig of greenery adds a sense of calm to the bathroom.

 Photography: Edgar Tapan
Styling: Gemma Blest
Production: Emily Leung

This article was originally published in Home Journal


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