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Homes This Modern Family Home Celebrates Nature and Harmony

This Modern Family Home Celebrates Nature and Harmony

This Modern Family Home Celebrates Nature and Harmony
By Mercedes Hutton
January 24, 2017
Wesley Liu of PplusP Designers creates the space that is to become his home

The initial thing that struck Wesley Liu, lead designer at Hong Kong-based interior design studio PplusP Designers, about the space that was to become his home was its leafy, open view overlooking a nearby park and the dramatic peaks of the New Territories beyond. However, even for a professional, the task of transforming a blank canvas into a thing of beauty doesn’t always come easily.

“Designing my own apartment was totally different from working on a client’s project,” explains Wesley. “There are a lot more personal issues. Budget becomes much more sensitive and I wanted to avoid repeating what I have done before. But at the same time, I also wanted to reuse some of the materials left over from previous projects. It became an extremely contradictory process. On the one hand, I wanted to create something that would suit my lifestyle in the long term, but I also had a lot of collectable items such as the antique light switches and sewing machine that I wanted to make use of.”


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

Different textures and prints in- fuse the living area with cosiness and a distinct sense of style.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

Full of light and vitality, the home an exercise in understated beauty and a joyful celebration of the couple’s family life that exemplifies Wesley’s signature style – natural harmony.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

In the living area, where a rich-textured rug that reminds Wesley of traditional Amsterdam cross-stitch outlines the space.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

The green, teal and violet accent wall complements the verdant view from the picture window in the dining area.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

The colour white combines with clean, geometric lines in the multi-purpose kitchen, which is Wesley's favourite space in his apartment.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

The mustard-yellow bed frame contrasts with the muted palette in the bedroom.

Photographed by Edgar Tapan

Playful touches fill the guest bedroom.


Photographed by Edgar Tapan

The space that makes the loudest statement is the bathroom, where a tin-paint-effect sink and mirror steal the scene.

 Photography: Edgar Tapan
Styling: Gemma Blest
Art Direction: May Lau
Production: Emily Leung

 This article was originally published on Home Journal


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