An Interior Designer's Family Home Perfectly Showcases Her Personal Style


January 4, 2017 | BY Leanne Mirandilla

Laurence Beysecker's home is a cumulation of a lifetime of travel, design and curiosity


Photography by Edgar Tapan for Home Journal 

Laurence Beysecker, co-founder of interior design studio Atelierd&l, and her family returned to Hong Kong in January. They may have only inhabited their new home in Hong Kong for a few months, but upon exploring the space, it’s difficult to imagine it looking any other way. “Of course I’m influenced by French culture, since I’m French,” Laurence explains. “I like colour, definitely. Texture, a lot of textiles. I like to layer things to make the interiors really warm and personal. I don’t like minimal and black-and-white and cold.” Laurence’s love of textiles can also easily be seen in the ample rugs and throws that cocoon the rooms of the house.

While Laurence’s work as a designer might contribute to how she chooses to arrange her space, ultimately her home is a place to showcase her personality and surround herself with mementos from important occasions throughout her life. “When you travel a lot, I think it’s very important to have a home of your own where you can feel good,” she says. “It’s really about creating a composition that reflects your personality. I have accumulated all of these objects throughout my life and travels. I like objects that tell a story and that can create a dialogue.” 


Laurence’s love of colour and textiles can be clearly seen in the dining room. The painting The Mute Piano by Chinese artist Yeung Tong-lung and purchased at DeeM, takes pride of place in the dining area.

A collection of calligraphy brushes, bought from a variety of locales, graces a table near the entrance.

A marble fireplace and lounge chair by Ray & Charles Eames add a touch of luxury to the living area.

She was particularly attracted to the classic checkered pattern in the kitchen.

The use of wood throughout the home creates a cosy, casual atmosphere.

A recently painted royal blue feature wall serves as a perfect backdrop for a painting in the master bedroom; a hand-woven basket shaped like a house sits at the foot of the bed.

More handmade items adorn the bedroom of one of the couple's three sons; it also opens directly onto the terrace.

Interior designer and homeowner Laurence Beysecker stands beside Portrait of any woman saint after having cried by Mateo Sbaragli.

Photography: Edgar Tapan
Art Direction: May Lau
Styling & Production: Kissa Castañeda

This article originally appeared on Home Journal