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Cars BMW Set To Collaborate With Street Artist Futura 2000 On Latest M2

BMW Set To Collaborate With Street Artist Futura 2000 On Latest M2

BMW M2 designed by street artist Futura 2000
Photo: Courtesy of BMW USA
By Kaitlyn McInnis
February 18, 2020
The limited production run will include just three exclusive cars.

The latest BMW M2 to hit the streets will come in the form of 405 horsepower, a 3,600-pound curb weight, and an unexpected artistic touch by street artist Futura 2000.

“We are very proud to have secured an internationally renowned artist like FUTURA 2000 for the design of our show car,” the brand said in a press release. “The BMW M2 by FUTURA 2000 exceeds our expectations and is a further step by BMW Individual in its collaboration with world-famous artists.”

Known for his edgy use of colours, concentric shapes and kinetic compositions, New York-based Futura 2000 gives the new M2 a twenty first century upgrade. The internationally acclaimed artist has completely redesigned both the interior and exterior in terms of aesthetics, in attempt to “highlight the rebellious character” of the high-performance vehicle.

The collaboration will set new trends in both the art scene as well as in the field of luxury sports cars, with the first of three hand painted exclusive “BMW M2 by FUTURA 2000” debuted at the Frieze Los Angeles Art Fair earlier this month.

“Art cars in the past have always been based on race cars, and they have always been one-offs,” says Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW. “We are going to do three one-offs. We’ll keep one. Two of them will be most likely auctioned, and then we will do an edition of 500 cars at $69,000.”

While just the three cars will be hand painted by the artist, the 500 “Edition” versions will be available for purchase internationally. The Edition versions will only have their rocker panels, front, and rear bumpers painted, but are still set to be a centrepiece in any contemporary art or car collection.

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