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Wellness Tatler Unlisted: An Exclusive Breathwork and Movement Workshop

Tatler Unlisted: An Exclusive Breathwork and Movement Workshop

Tatler Unlisted: An Exclusive Breathwork and Movement Workshop
Join this half-day workshop on the principles of movement and breathwork.
By Tatler Hong Kong
March 30, 2021
Discover life-changing practices in this half-day workshop with instructors trained directly by Ido Portal, Wim Hof, and Dan Brule

For our latest offer bought to you by Tatler Unlisted, we are giving guests the chance to learn from renowned wellness instructors, Brian Lai and Alex Herrera on the principles of breathwork and movement.

In this half-day workshop, you will attend two 90-minute sessions where you’ll discover life-changing techniques used by Navy SEALs, Silicon Valley executives, Olympians, and Stanford Professors. Based on ancestral tools that have been turbocharged by Neuroscience and updated for 21st century living, this workshop is for anyone who is interested in maximising their potential while improving their overall health and happiness.

With a special introductory rate exclusive to Tatler Unlisted audiences, you will walk away equipped with tools and knowledge that will provide real results that have a long-lasting impact on your well-being and performance. The small-group class will be led by two inspiring instructors and will cover an introduction to breathwork and movement; breath and movement integration; and a lunch and question and answer session.

About breathwork instructor, Brian Lai

Trained directly by Wim Hof––best known for his superhuman abilities and 26 world records––Brian is the first certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method in Australia and Asia and has refined his expertise from mentors such as Patrick McKeown and Dan Brulé, who has also taught Tony Robbins, Navy SEALs, Olympic athletes, and martial artists, to name a few. He remains one of the only certified instructors in the region.

About movement coach, Alex Herrera

Introduced to the paradigm shifting ‘Movement Culture’ by world renowned teacher Ido Portal, Alex returns to Hong Kong after eight years in Costa Rica, where he perfected his unique system of human movement. A former professional athlete and lifelong Martial Artist, Alex has worked on the Original Matrix film as Personal Trainer to Carrie Anne Moss ‘Trinity’, under Australian movie director Baz Luhrmann, with professional athlete Mike Smith, and Hong Kong jockey Douglas Whyte.

Priced at HK$1,100, the breathwork and movement workshop will take place on Saturday May 1 at 2pm. Book your class by Sunday, April 4 2021 to secure a special early-bird rate.

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