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Travel The Centre Pompidou In Paris Will Be Undergoing A US$240M Renovation

The Centre Pompidou In Paris Will Be Undergoing A US$240M Renovation

View on the Church of Saint-Merri and the Centre Georges Pompidou, in the Beaubourg area, from the Tour St-Jacques. This 52-metre Flamboyant Gothic tower, leveled shortly after the French Revolution, is located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris.
Paris's Centre Pompidou will be undergoing a huge renovation starting in 2023 (Photo: Getty Images)
By Kaitlyn McInnis
January 27, 2021
The three-year renovation is set to start as soon as 2023 and will remain closed until its completion sometime in 2026

France’s culture minister, Roselyn Bachelot, has this week announced the country’s plans to fully renovate one of Paris’ most beloved cultural attractions, the Centre Pompidou, as soon as 2023. The three-year project will involve shutting down the museum and public library to expedite the process and greatly reduce the overall cost—which still sits at around US$240M.

“There were two options on the table: one consisting of restoring the Centre whilst keeping it open, the other was closing it completely,” Bachelot explained to Le Figaro in an earlier statement. “I chose the second because it turned out to be less time-consuming and a bit less expensive.”

The centre had previously warned about a full closure or a partial closure that would result in a much longer repair time that would dampen the overall experience that makes the Centre Pompidou so internationally beloved.

“This will guarantee the future of Centre Pompidou,” explained the centre's president, Serge Lasvignes, in an official press release, adding that, despite the inconveniences, the renovations will result in a “visionary, utopian project, unmatched by any other in the world.”

Lasvignes also explained that the renovations were essential due to corrosion, wear, and general age that had begun to affect the building. Projects will include removing asbestos in the building, meeting modern safety and energy standards, and making the building more accessible for visitors with reduced mobility.

That being said, travellers who want to catch a glimpse of the original structure or collections will still be able to do so before construction gets underway. While the centre is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s expected to reopen once Paris is able to lift some of its safety restrictions.

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