Christmas Party Checklist


December 21, 2012 | BY Ingrid Chen

Make sure you have all of these covered for your upcoming Christmas and New Year party

Christmas Party

There’s quite a fair load of stress that goes on before and during Christmas. Brands overload us with festive messages in anticipation of the busiest shopping period of the year; we worry about whether we may have gotten the least popular Secret Santa gift; the sociable panic about who’s missing on their gift list, while the less sociable worry about spending this festive occasion alone. But the most stressed individuals amongst all those who are nervously preparing for Christmas, are perhaps the party hosts.

What makes a good Christmas party for your guests who may be, alas, perpetually peeking under your tree (just checking that mine looks presentable!), mentally criticising your food and mulled wine, or pestering an obligated listener? From the many Christmas parties I’ve attended, or have hosted in my humble home, I gathered a few pointers that may be helpful in making your party a truly enjoyable one for all.

Send an invitation that puts a smile on their face

It does not need to be branded with embossed font in cursive. Something visual in a personal way with a cheeky message will do. This already puts the mood off of your party being a stuffy one.

Create a theme

Pick a theme that can easily be found in your guests’ wardrobe. A colour code or the “ugly Christmas sweater” theme are always good picks. This provides an incredible icebreaker for your guests if they are not already well acquainted with each other.

Christmas Party

Give them an element of personalisation

Be it a place card, a unique Christmas prop or a personalised party favour, guests like to know that you thought of just them for at least a second during your preparation.

Feed according to the festivity

If it sounds complicated, hiring a private chef is a fantastic idea because you experience a scrumptious meal fitting the occasion without the stress of popping into the kitchen every now and then. Leo Kam, the Gordon Ramsay- and Nobu-trained chef from Salon Number 10 on Arbuthnot Road does fantastic dinners at the comfort of your own home.

Drink up!

I once attended a house party that had an incredible array of beverages. I was impressed simply because most hosts focus on feasting you with endless courses and forget about the drinks. They can be as simple as hot chocolate with marshmallows, or coffee with cinnamon. Giving your guests beverage options is a sure winner.

Relax, it’s a party

Whoever you invite to your party, they should be good enough friends not to judge, and simply appreciate the effort you’ve put in. Your overbearing attempts to make your guests feel comfortable and entertained will only do the opposite.

Enjoy the party and Merry Christmas!

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