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Arts City Cleaning That Pollutes

City Cleaning That Pollutes

City Cleaning That Pollutes
By Hong Kong Tatler
October 26, 2010

City Cleaning That Pollutes

Twice in the last two weeks I witnessed something very sad for our city. Street cleaners with water jets, blasting the sidewalk with water. It is sad because water is a scarce resource in many places of the world, including that of just across the border in Mainland China. This practice seems to have been born from the days of the SARS epidemic, when the city was paranoid about germs. But while the paranoia has subsided for the time being, the practice still continues.

The amazing part of the whole event was that the machine running the water jets was being run from diesel fuel, and from a very old, inefficient generator. As a result, the machine was literally spewing smoke right in front of Marks & Spencer, in Central's biggest cross walk area, and no one did a thing about it. Are we all too busy in our daily lives to try to make improvements for our community and surroundings, especially when something is so blatantly wrong?  A video of this disaster is included – showing the extent of the air pollution being generated in broad daylight, as the cleaning company was carrying out its water jet operations. YouTube Preview Image

The following week, after complaints were made to both the Environmental Protection Department and the cleaning company, Baguio Cleaners, it was witnessed again, just a few blocks away, also in Central. Why do we allow this to keep happening? The practice itself is suspect, given the use of water in such a way, and the lack of scale in surface area that can actually be achieved via. this method. Yet to top it off with both the air and noise pollution it creates, it should really make us wonder who is letting this happen?  The second event is included: YouTube Preview Image

We live in a busy, crowded city, but that does not mean that we should assume that things are being executed correctly. If you see something that simply is not "right," it is not that hard to make a difference. In doing so, you will feel great, and the city will benefit along the way. In the mean time, if you see this activity going on again, feel free to post it on the web and help get the word out. We deserve much better than this in our "world city."




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