Eden by Perrier-Jouët: Inside The Tokyo 2018 Edition


May 14, 2018 | BY Erica Fong

Coinciding with Tokyo Design Week, Eden by Perrier-Jouët returned to the city for the third year in a row on May 10, bringing Perrier-Jouët VIPs and fans into the Maison’s latest interpretation of the #artofthewild.

Nature plays an integral part in the installation, as does art—two things that the Maison’s founders have always been fond of. The multi-faceted installation, which includes an immersive digital experience, special menus and tastings, is supplemented by plenty of bubbly to give guests a truly enchanting experience.

Open to the public from now till May 20, we highly recommend visiting Eden by Perrier-Jouët in person, but if you aren’t going to be anywhere near Tokyo, here are five cool things to know about this year's edition:

Luftwerk's projections on the ceiling at the opening party (Photo: Courtesy of Perrier-Jouët)

The origins of Eden

Eden by Perrier-Jouët refers to the Eden Cellar, a secret place in Epernay, France, where the most exceptional and rarest vintages of the Maison rest.

Since 2016, this exclusive location has been interpreted by different artists each year under the theme ‘Art of the Wild’, with the aim of transporting guests into the Maison’s legendary cellars.

The common thread among each edition? Lush, exotic foliage—and lots of it.

Eden by Perrier-Jouët: Inside The Tokyo 2018 Edition
DJ Alyn at the opening party (Photo: Courtesy of Perrier-Jouët)

An ultra-hip location

This year's Eden by Perrier-Jouët is held at Tokyo’s hipper-than-thou Trunk (Hotel). Located in Shibuya, the 15-room Trunk (Hotel) is renowned for its design and “Made in Japan” experience that draws from the tradition and trends of Tokyo—not to mention the abundance of hipster eye candy at its ground-level bar.

At the opening party on Thursday, May 10, Japanese celebrities mingled with Perrier-Jouët VIPs at a packed cocktail party, with the likes of Perrier-Jouët senior management and Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps in attendance. Artist duo Luftwerk also took part in an on-stage discussion panel while DJ Alyn capped off the night with her DJ set. 

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Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero of Luftwerk (Photo: Courtesy of Perrier-Jouët)

Luftwerk's light show

This year’s Eden by Perrier-Jouët showcases the work of Luftwerk, an artistic collaboration between Chicago-based Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero.

The duo (who also happen to be life partners) is known for their work with light and colour, and for Perrier-Jouët they’ve deconstructed the iconic anemone motif from the Maison’s Cuvee Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque bottle into a mesmerising light show. The architecture of the Maison’s cellars also served as inspiration for the duo to create a colourful digital experience evoking the cycles of nature.

This is not the first time Perrier-Jouët has worked with artists—previous collaborations include associations with Ritsue Mishima, Daniel Arsham, Miguel Chevalier, Makoto Azuma and more.

Eden by Perrier-Jouët: Inside The Tokyo 2018 Edition
Trying out the VR experience (Photo: Erica Fong/Hong Kong Tatler)

Experiencing Eden in VR

Adjacent to the Trunk (Hotel) bar, Perrier-Jouët have commissioned Parisian production house Okio Studio to create a completely immersive virtual reality experience.

The five-minute journey transports guests to Perrier-Jouët’s own version of Eden—a wildly lush and exotic garden they can interact with by waving their hands into the art. From the imaginary garden to Epernay, then deep into Perrier-Jouët's underground cellar (where a virtual version of Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps awaits), it’s a four-dimensional sensory experience complete with wind and mist.

As an added bonus, all Tokyo residents who try the VR experience will be entered in a lucky draw to win a real-life trip to Epernay.

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A private tasting session with Perrier-Jouët's Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps (Photo: Erica Fong/Hong Kong Tatler)

Special tastings and menus

To round off the experience, Perrier-Jouët's Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps—who is only the seventh cellar master in the Maison’s 200+ year history—will be hosting special tastings of Perrier-Jouët throughout the event period.

Of course, good champagne is best paired with good food, so don’t miss the gastronomic lunch and dinner events staged by a trio of renowned chefs in Tokyo, including Dominique Bouchet, Yosuke Akasaka from Pierre Gagnaire and Mamoru Sugiyama from Ginza Sushi Ko.

Learn more about Eden by Perrier-Jouët at perrier-jouet.com

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