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Arts Covid-19: Facebook Launches A New Campaign To Encourage Vaccination In Hong Kong

Covid-19: Facebook Launches A New Campaign To Encourage Vaccination In Hong Kong

facebook campaign - hong kong covid 19 vaccine booking
Facebook partners with the Department of Health to launch a campaign to boost Hong Kong's vaccination rate (Photo: Getty Images)
By Helen Yu
By Helen Yu
June 09, 2021
Facebook is rolling out new features to boost vaccination rates in Hong Kong

Social media giant Facebook is launching a campaign to encourage more Hong Kong citizens to get vaccinated, joining forces with the Department of Health to promote the population-wide campaign and safeguard public health against Covid-19.

According to HKFP, the new campaign will introduce two new features on the platform to boost the vaccination rate in Hong Kong—one to facilitate more convenient vaccination bookings and another to encourage people who haven’t gotten vaccinated to do so.

With the new tool “Covid-19 Vaccine Finder”, Facebook users will be able to search their nearby vaccination centres and clinics easily, and make appointments online on the government site. New profile picture options have also been added to the platform, where users can now share their vaccination status with their Facebook community. New filters featuring phrases “I have been vaccinated!” and “Go get your jab!” are available on the platform as well.

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facebook campaign - hong kong covid 19 vaccine booking
Photo: Courtesy of Facebook

“Studies have shown that social norms have a significant impact on people’s attitudes and behaviour related to health,” according to an official statement. “In order to make vaccinations more popular, Facebook will help users share the news that they have been vaccinated with others on the platform, and let them know that people they respect and care about have also been vaccinated.” 

Facebook’s publicity manager for the region also comments on the project: “As one of Hong Kong’s most-used social platforms, we are very happy to work with the Department of Health to make it easier for the public to obtain information about vaccines and how to receive vaccinations, and to more easily share their support for vaccination with others.” 

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