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Arts French Belle Epoque Exhibition At Liang Yi Museum

French Belle Epoque Exhibition At Liang Yi Museum

French Belle Epoque Exhibition At Liang Yi Museum
By Rachel Read
May 12, 2017
Discover treasures untold from 19th century France at this exclusive exhibition

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A pair of two malachite & lapis lazuli tables by Francois Linke (Photo: Courtesy of Belle Epoque)

Beauty, refinement and that certain je ne sais quoi—France has long been celebrated for its incredible artistic achievements. Now, you’ll get the chance to see some of its finest decorative masterpieces in person at the French Belle Epoque exhibition, which runs from May 13 to 21, 2017 at Liang Yi Museum in Sheung Wan.

Part of Le French May’s Silver Jubilee programme of diverse cultural events, the exhibition features an exquisitely curated assortment of 19th century decorative art from the private collection of renowned art expert Sandrine Souchon.

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All the pieces on display come from the French period known as La Belle Epoque (which literally translates as “a beautiful era”)—the years of peace and prosperity that came between the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1887 and the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

A beautiful era

This era inspired the country’s talented artisans into creating some of their most magnificent work, from iconic sculptures to elaborate furniture pieces, many of which are showcased in Souchon’s extensive collection—including several masterpieces made from the rare precious stone malachite, famed for its striking green hue.

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A pair of Baccarat crystal covered vases forming candelabras; ornamentation of sculpted, chiseled and gilt bronze by Maison Baccarat. (Photo: Courtesy of Belle Epoque)

Souchon herself has been an avid collector for over 30 years and represents the third generation of a family of art enthusiasts, dating back to the 1920s. A long-time member of the Syndicate of Antique Dealers, Souchon boasts a supreme and in-depth knowledge of 19th century decorative arts, with a particular passion for pieces that have left a lasting and transformative mark in the history of the field.

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“My collection is a unique and eclectic set of French Belle Epoque artworks that have been meticulously hand-picked by myself and my parents over the years,” Souchon says. “Seeing such exceptional art pieces reunited in the same space is an unmissable event for all art lovers. It is very personal to me to have all these pieces reunited. Their prestigious provenances are deep-rooted in French history."

What to see

Highlights at the exhibition include one-of-a-kind, intricate works crafted by celebrated Parisian furniture-makers Francois Linke, Joseph-Emmanuel Zweiner and Henry Dasson—including showstopping tables, cabinets and vases fashioned from precious materials like malachite, lapis lazuli and gilt bronze.

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Richly detailed candelabras by crystal specialists Maison Baccarat and renowned sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse are every bit as breathtaking, exemplifying the perfect marriage between art and function that many of these ornamental furniture pieces so stunningly represent.

Belle Epoque Liang Yi Museum 5.jpg

An ormolu-mounted white porcelain elephant clock by Planchon (Photo: Courtesy of Belle Epoque)

A richly detailed ormolu-mounted porcelain elephant clock by Planchon of Paris, alongside the monumental works of Auguste & Hippolyte Moreau and Gustave Dore, with their Young Girl And Grapes and The Dance sculptures (crafted from white marble and patina bronze respectively) provide further exhibition highlights. These pieces come from Château de la Bastide, one of the oldest and most prestigious noble families in France.

All of the works at the French Belle Epoque exhibition are also available to purchase, making this a must-visit event for potential buyers and art aficionados alike. 

The French Belle Epoque exhibition runs from May 13 to 21, 2017 and is open from 11am-9pm daily.

Liang Yi Museum, 181-199 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 2806 8280,

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