Get Smart: IoT Solutions for Work and Play


September 7, 2018 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

HKT Premier’s latest “iot in Style” showcase reveals intelligent ways to maximise your quality of living

For many busy professionals, finding time for their family, their work and their leisure can be challenging. Transforming the way we work and play, however, has never been easier.

Visitors to HKT Premier’s “iot in Style 3” showcase, which will be at HKT Premier’s concept store at Elements until December, will discover new opportunities for managing all aspects of work and leisure through the Internet of Things (IoT) concept. The IoT concept brings devices and appliances to life by connecting them via the internet so they can work together in an intelligent fashion.

Undoubtably, the most productive people prioritise a healthy, well-balanced life. HKT Premier’s new showcase, presented in collaboration with award-winning architect Florence Kong and the innovative US-based furniture maker Herman Miller, provides intelligent home solutions that meet every lifestyle’s need.


Home relaxation and leisure possibilities are configured to specific needs in an integrated space called My Chamber. The aim here is to create an environment of “mindful fitness” in an all-encompassing living area that is separated physically by streamlined divisions that draw on natural forms bearing the hallmarks of Florence Kong’s East-West designs.

The room is equipped with four automation modes—spa, sports, movie and wine tasting—controllable via a special app. What’s more, lighting and audio systems, plus carefully chosen appliances, create different effects to suit a user’s mood.

Meanwhile, HKT Premier’s My Workspace concept blends a similarly intelligent performance with Herman Miller furnishing and lighting aesthetics for the home office. Here, IoT technology provides an intelligent environment that boosts productivity, complemented by entertainment elements that spark inspiration. Users can switch effortlessly from video conferencing to enjoying movies or other leisure pursuits.

HKT Premier’s IoT solutions can also include other renowned home and lifestyle brands such as Samsung, Technogym, Grohe, LG, Tom Dixon and more. Its packaged or custom-made integrated suites of electronic devices are controlled with a single interface that is programmed according to the user’s preferences—adding convenience and simplicity to their life so they have more time to relax and spend quality time with family and friends.  

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