How to Get Away from Hong Kong Without Actually Leaving the City 


August 17, 2016 | BY Venus Wong

We show you how to have the most enjoyable staycation ever


Photo courtesy of Venus Wong

An eagle hovers near my window while a crimson Aqua Luna junk slowly glides through the Victoria Harbour, the LEGO-sized skyscrapers of Tsim Sha Tsui glistening at a distance. The busy traffic of Wan Chai North unfolds at my feet, but the sounds of sirens, honking and screeching are completely muted within my earshot — it’s as if I’m living in a moving panoramic painting.

I’m taking time out at The Grand Hyatt’s Escape 24 Staycation, a package tailor-made for Hong Kongers craving a break from it all, but are simply too occupied to actually get out of town. As someone who often feels drained by the overwhelming pace of this city, this promotion can’t come at a better time. Click on to see how 24 hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city can help you unwind.



Photo courtesy of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

I arrive at the hotel’s lobby, where a live piano rendition of “As Time Goes By” pours over the majestic space. With advanced notice, guests are welcome to check in at any time they choose and check out in exactly 24 hours. As a night owl who likes spending my mornings in bed — and not stuffing everything into my suitcase to make the 11am check out on time — this is a much-welcomed feature. 

My temporary home is the Grand Deluxe Harbour Room on the 22nd floor, where a sumptuous vantage of the Victoria Harbour was laid before my window. Thanks to a recent redesign by BAR Studio, the bedroom and bathroom space are now linked by an open floor plan. This allows an abundant amount of natural light into the space and gives guests visual access to the view from the bathtub.



Photo courtesy of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Any type of travel experience can be readily enhanced by spa treatments, and a staycation is no exception. The Escape 24 package comes with a spending credit of HK $1,000 for dining, treatments at Plateau Spa, or access to the Grand Club. Given the long hours I spend in front of my laptop, I opt for a signature body massage at the hotel’s award-winning spa to alleviate the stress on my neck and shoulders. Booking a massage in the late afternoon is highly recommended: With just the right amount of sunlight shining through the wooden panels of the treatment rooms, you’ll feel even more at ease. 

The 60-minute relaxation journey begins with a classic foot ritual, in which my skin is softened and refined by a sea salt scrub. For the massage, I pick the Revive oil, a custom blend containing rosehip, evening primrose, citrus essential oils and other ingredients. My soreness almost immediately subsides, thanks to the therapist’s unique combination of hand and elbow movements — inspired by Chinese, Swedish and Thai massage techniques. My skin feels revived by the peppermint and ginger elements of the blend, while the Vitamin E base oil provides some much-needed hydration.



Photo courtesy of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

I go for a soak in the heated outdoor pool. The lush plants surrounding the waterfall and the scalloping edges of the pool are juxtaposed by a cluster of shiny skyscrapers wrapped around the hotel — looking like the ideal urban paradise. With a generous number of lounge chairs and an unobstructed vantage of the Harbour, the sun deck is the best spot in the entire hotel to see the sunset.



A view of the sunset from the window of my room; Photo courtesy of Venus Wong

It’s dinnertime, and I have no desire to leave the building. Instead, I succumb to my favourite hotel fantasy from childhood: Ordering room service and watching The Discovery Channel. I order a tall glass of Sangria — the perfect reward after swimming five laps in the pool — and a grilled sea bass, which turns out to be delectable. As a diehard of online streaming, I have almost forgotten the merits of watching TV: when you’re alone in a hotel, flipping through your Netflix Suggestions Box isn’t nearly as fun as channel surfing and happening upon the most ridiculous reality shows.



Photo courtesy of Venus Wong

I was woken up by natural sunlight — something that I believe hasn’t happened since the last millennia. A classic American breakfast of bacon and eggs is served in bed, and I feel like a million bucks sipping pineapple juice and flipping through the paper. The only way this morning can be even better? Taking a long bath with June Jacobs Collections’ citrus skincare line and my favourite Spotify playlist blasting. 

As I once again look to Hong Kong’s iconic cityscape from the tub, one thing has never been clearer: Getting a time out from the bustle of the city — while still being in the heart of it all — has made me appreciate living here even more.

 The Grand Hyatt Escape 24 Staycation is priced at HKD2,800 per room per night, plus 10% service charge. The offer is applicable to Hong Kong ID cardholders only.

For reservations or enquiries phone  +852 2584-7038, or email


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