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Arts 10 Hong Kong Brands That Shaped Retail In The Past Decade

10 Hong Kong Brands That Shaped Retail In The Past Decade

10 Hong Kong Brands That Shaped Retail In The Past Decade
Photo: Courtesy of Live Zero
By Pearl Yan
December 19, 2019
As the 2010s come to a close, we take a look back at an eventful decade—one that transformed Hong Kong’s retail thanks to shifts in consumer culture, and of course, the rise of social media.

With the introduction of social media in the past decade, and especially Instagram, the way we shop has changed drastically. No longer could clothing only look good, it had to be just a click away, and manufactured in an ethical and sustainable way, too. With a new year and decade fast approaching, we take stock of the homegrown brands that shaped the retail industry in Hong Kong.

1/10 Live Zero (2018)

Hong Kong eco-warrior Tamsin Thornburrow opened the city’s first zero-waste store Live Zero in 2018, offering bulk goods from spices and grains to shampoo and toothpaste tablets free from harmful packaging. 

With stores in Sai Ying Pun and Sai Kung, Live Zero has changed Hong Kong shoppers’ consumption habits by making a plastic-free lifestyle both accessible and desirable.

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2/10 Goxip (2016)

Launched in 2016 by entrepreneur Juliette Gimenez, Goxip is a Hong Kong-based online shopping service that has transformed the way we shop. Using powerful image recognition and smart search technology, the app allows users to search for their preferred fashion items using images. 

Feeling inspired by a celebrity’s style? Simple snap a photo and purchase the exact item or its equivalent instantly on the platform, where six million fashion and beauty products from 500 online merchants are on offer.

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3/10 On The List (2016)

Co-founded by former retail executives Delphine Lefay and Diego Dultzin Lacoste, On The List addresses the fashion industry’s waste problem by selling past-seasons merchandise from coveted brands at heavy discounts. 

The weekly members-only flash sale takes place online or at its showroom in Central, offering the best deals for clothing, lifestyle goods, skincare products, wine, home decor and more for a limited time only. 

4/10 niin (2011)

Eco-jewellery label niin is the brainchild of founder and designer Jeanine Hsu, who is known for her sustainable, environmentally friendly approach to jewellery design. 

Combining natural materials from across Southeast Asia with precious metals, her jewellery—available online and at niin’s flagship Sheung Wan boutique—is created based on her up-cycling ethos of reusing simple pieces of nature. The result is chic, wearable artisan jewellery that “tread lightly on the earth”. 

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5/10 Basics For Basics

Ethical clothing company Basics for Basics is more than a fashion brand—it’s also a lifestyle that promotes equality for all and care for the environment. 

Designed in-house and produced in ethically mandated factories using sustainable materials such as surplus fabric and organic cotton, their garments are casual and easy to mix and match for all occasions.

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6/10 Casetify (2011)

Named the third largest tech accessories brand globally, Casetify pioneers the most creative phone cases on the market—from neon sand, mirror to glitter—that can be customised with your name, initials, or favourite word.

Built with design and protection in mind, Casetify’s cases are made with qitech™ material, which is certified up to 3x the military-grade standard. It's not bullet proof, but to 9.8 feet drop proof—sans the chunkiness. 

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7/10 Grana (2014)

Running on a direct-to-consumer business model that has cut out the distributors, middleman and warehouses, Grana is one of the first online apparel brands in Asia to disrupt the fashion industry by producing high-quality clothing that are affordable and durable. 

Using sustainably sourced materials such as Chinese silk, Mongolian cashmere and Peruvian pima cotton, Grana’s clothing are loved by celebrities—notably Jessica Alba—for its timeless design and premium quality.

8/10 Clot (2003)

A Hong Kong streetwear label founded by Kevin Poon and his pop-star friend Edison Chen in 2003, Clot offers a range of apparel and goods inspired by a love of music, basketball, sneakers and culture. 

Clot can be found at Juice—a fashion and lifestyle store which they founded a year later—with locations in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Chengdu and Los Angeles. In 2018, Clot made its first global appearance at one of the most prestigious stages in the fashion world: the runway of New York Fashion Week.

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9/10 The Lion Rock Press (2013)

A homegrown family company offering quirky Hong Kong-themed gifts, from greeting cards that combines Hong Kong-style graphics and tongue-and-cheek jokes like “You’re won(ton) in a bouillon”, hanging decorations that make for the best Christmas ornaments to eco-friendly “No Plastic Mm Goi’ water bottles—The Lion Rock Press has got your birthday and festive presents covered.

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10/10 RUMI X (2015)

Athleisure label RUMI X has changed the way we buy activewear by injecting mindfulness into our active lifestyle. 

Many of the garments are made from technically-advanced fabrics using recycled plastic bottles, up-cycled coffee grounds and water-based ink dyes. The fun, colourful and chic design makes you look good and feel good whether you’re at the gym or the coffee shop.

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