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Homes The Ultimate Destination For Kids This Summer

The Ultimate Destination For Kids This Summer

The Ultimate Destination For Kids This Summer
Photo: Courtesy of Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy
By Tatler Hong Kong
July 06, 2020
Tatler+ Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy
Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy unveils holiday camp programme for children of all ages

With summer upon us, the kids back home (again) and family getaways seemingly a distant memory, parents can be forgiven for approaching the holidays with a degree of trepidation.

Thankfully, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA) has unveiled a holiday camp bonanza at its Sai Kung retreat that might just be your summer saviour.

Exclusively available to patrons throughout July and August 2020, HKGTA is hosting 14 different camps catering for 18-month toddlers up to young adults.

Known for its state-of-the-art sports facilities—this vast oasis includes a five-hole short golf course, indoor coaching studios, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and gyms—it will come as no surprise that HKGTA’s programme features a multitude of sports activities that range from golf, tennis and swimming to multi-sports, fitness and even aquatic adventures.

But it doesn’t stop there. The programme places equal focus on essential life-skills development, so children also have the chance to learn from some of Hong Kong’s leading educational coaches, as well as talented musicians and performers from around the world.  

Train Your Critical Mindset by Arch Education is just one example. Youngsters can give the summer heat a swerve, while improving their communication skills and critical thinking, with this confidence-building debate programme. The course introduces public speaking and the art of debate through fun, interactive group work that combines written and spoken activities.

Students will learn how to speak assertively with their peers—empowering them to find their voice and articulate themselves with confidence.

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Photo: Courtesy of Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy
Photo: Courtesy of Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy

Similarly, the Music & Theatre Summer Institute that HKGTA will run in partnership with Cedar Academy is no ordinary camp. Modelled on an international boarding school curriculum, this holistic programme seeks to inspire all-round development among its participants.

Children will cover a range of topics that include humanities, science, and history; participate in theatre workshops; enjoy an array of sports activities and even learn meal-time social etiquette, all while benefiting from the experience of overnight boarding in the Academy dormitories.

And if that wasn’t enough, the camp offers personalised music and singing classes from some of the industry’s most sought-after teachers from leading conservatories and orchestras around the world, including the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Korean Symphony Orchestra, as well as from renowned soprano and baritone singers based in Hong Kong.

Budding musicians will take part in daily masterclasses while having the opportunity to perform alongside these music masters every day and at a camp-end gala concert.

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Photo: Courtesy of Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy
Photo: Courtesy of Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy

Children aged five and under can join the Music Retreat for Parent and Child, also by Cedar Academy. The camp is the ideal way to start your child on a life-long musical journey, offering them exposure to different musical instruments and participation in a variety of workshops.

And, what’s more, while the children are learning their new craft, parents can enjoy a yoga class, head to the driving range, or hit some tennis balls before joining their children again for a family playtime splash in the pool.

It may be an art of a different sort, but the Lego Camp is sure to get children flexing their creative muscles, offering the opportunity to build characters from the worlds of Marvel, Batman and Pokémon, while the Active Kids Camp features activities ranging from geography to fashion and lots more.

HKGTA’s summer camp programme offers something for everyone and provides prime opportunities for children to make new friends while having fun before the start of the new school year.

HKGTA Summer Camps are available to patrons only. For more details of the programme and on how to become a patron, please visit or call +852 3187 8900.

Follow HKGTA on Facebook and Instagram at @hongkong_gta 


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