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Travel Here's How Hong Kong Tatler Listers Celebrate Christmas

Here's How Hong Kong Tatler Listers Celebrate Christmas

Here's How Hong Kong Tatler Listers Celebrate Christmas
By Hong Kong Tatler
December 10, 2018
With Christmas just around the corner, we asked members of the Tatler Community what their plans are for the holiday season

1/6 Anne Wang-Liu

Skiing and the sun are the recurring themes of Anne and Julian Liu’s Christmas holidays. This year, they will be hitting the slopes in Aspen with their two daughters before jetting off to Phuket, where they will banish the chill with Christmas sun.

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2/6 Antonia Li

Last year, Antonia and her sister Caroline Li celebrated the festive season by hosting a dinner with Eleanor Lam and Feiping Chang at The Krug Room. This year, Antonia plans to host a dinner at home.

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3/6 Annabelle Bond

Christmas is one of Annabelle’s favourite times of year and she enjoys spending it with family and friends. In keeping with her tradition, she will be celebrating the holidays with family in Zurs, Austria.

4/6 Emily Lam-Ho

Christmas sweaters are always a staple with Emily and Kent Ho—and this year will be no different as the pair ring in the holidays with their children in Aspen.

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5/6 Vickie Li

Last year, Vickie celebrated the season with her two dogs, Noah and Emma, who were dressed appropriately for the festivities. This year she’ll be celebrating in New Zealand.

6/6 Loui Lim

Loui was hopping around the Bahamas last year and is planning to jet off to another tropical destination this year.

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