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Travel How I Travel: Doris Goh Of Alila Hotels And Resorts

How I Travel: Doris Goh Of Alila Hotels And Resorts

How I Travel: Doris Goh Of Alila Hotels And Resorts
By Coco Marett
By Coco Marett
June 25, 2019
The chief marketing officer of Alila Hotels and Resorts shares her best travel tips

Doris Goh, chief marketing officer of Alila Hotels and Resorts, has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years—a career that has taken her all over the world to places exciting and exotic. 

Needless to say, Goh knows a thing or two about how to travel and how to do it well. We caught up with her to get her best travel tips, including her favourite travel app and how to tackle jet lag, and to hear about her best (and worst) memories on the road. 

Last trip?


Next trip?


What do you love the most about travelling?

Immersing [myself] in the neighbourhood and experiencing the sights, culture and food.

Most memorable travel experience?

Joining a free walking tour in the East Berlin neighbourhood and hearing stories of the Holocaust through the eyes of a young Israeli guide.

And the worst?

Almost being robbed in Venice—I caught hold of the hand of the pickpocket inside my tote bag only to find out that it belonged to a pretty young pregnant girl. Instead of being helped by the public, I was accused by their ‘gang’ members of bullying the young mother-to-be. I just shrugged it off and went on my way.

Locks in East Berlin (Photo: Crawford Jolly for
Locks in East Berlin (Photo: Crawford Jolly for

Three things you always travel with?

Besides my mobile phone, I always have a bottle of aromatic oil, a pack of moist wipes and a universal adapter in my carrier bag.

What do you normally read on the plane?

News, the inflight magazine and lifestyle magazines.

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Favourite travel companion?

My Phone for my reading app and Spotify channel.

Aisle or window seat?


Favourite travel app?


Photo: Courtesy of Doris Goh
Photo: Courtesy of Doris Goh

Your best travel tip(s)?

Download an Offline map of your destination. When on vacation, never fly direct. Instead, do stopovers on the way to enjoy the gateway cities as much as you can.

Any tips on overcoming jet lag?

The wonder drug Melatonin or Moringa.

What are the latest travel trends?

When you can find the time, do join the slow travel movement.

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