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Travel How I Travel: Linda Petrie Of Petrie PR

How I Travel: Linda Petrie Of Petrie PR

How I Travel: Linda Petrie Of Petrie PR
By Coco Marett
By Coco Marett
January 03, 2018
Much like the unique luxury travel clients she takes care of at Petrie PR, Linda Petrie is all about balancing luxury with authentic cultural experiences

Through her boutique communications company Petrie PR, Linda Petrie and her team has introduced the world to leading luxury travel and hotel brands that offer authenticity, unique experiences and a whole lot of soul such as Alila Hotels, Aman Resorts & Hotels, Nihiwatu, Jacada Travel and more.

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But despite how much of the world she has seen already, Linda has an insatiable hunger and tireless curiosity for the next adventure. Find out how she likes to travel below:  

Photo: Courtesy of Linda Petrie
Photo: Courtesy of Linda Petrie

Last trip?

Sri Lanka with my family for the holidays. We travelled throughout the country combining a historical and cultural tour, visiting temples and tea plantations before spending New Year near Galle at the beach.

What do you love most about travelling?

The experience itself and new discoveries. I have travelled all my life, and I am always excited at the prospect of embarking to a new destination as well as returning to those I visit regularly through work.  Every trip brings a new dimension and the prospect of new relationships. 

Most memorable travel experience?

Definitely driving across Namibia in a 4x4 over two weeks last Christmas!  It was quite an experience traversing the many different landscapes and terrains of this wonderful sparsely populated country.

We started in the capital Windhoek before venturing to the dramatic Atlantic Coast, the mountains and into the vast expanses of desert including summiting Namibia’s highest sand dune, “Big Daddy”, at Sossusvlei before being immersed in the tropical jungle climate of the Caprivi Strip on the borders of Angola and finally entering Botswana.

And the worst?

Regularly sitting out China airspace flight delays, sometimes up to 10 hours. There is nothing worse.

Sitting atop the highest sand dune in Namibia (Photo: Courtesy of Linda Petrie)
Sitting atop the highest sand dune in Namibia (Photo: Courtesy of Linda Petrie)

Three things you always travel with?

My laptop, eye drops and my Chinese good luck and protective monkey charm.

What do you normally read on the plane?

The Weekend FT and How To Spend It—I treasure the time on a flight to catch up with my favourite read.  I am addicted to How To Spend It!

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Favourite travel companion?

It depends if it is for work or a holiday. By myself if on a business trip for the peace and solitude, away from the stream of emails which allows me valuable think time. 

I also love travelling with my family—my partner Angus and two incredible sons James and Zack. We always have amazing adventures together on our travels and I really enjoy showing my sons the world.  There is no better education.

Exploring the temples of Yangon (Photo: Courtesy of Linda Petrie)
Exploring the temples of Yangon (Photo: Courtesy of Linda Petrie)

Aisle or window seat?

Always aisle as I don’t like to be restricted!

Favourite travel app?


Your best travel tip?

Try to avoid food on planes and drink plenty of water.

Any tips on overcoming jet lag?

Always sync your flights to arrive in the evening if it's a long haul trip so you can quickly adjust to the local time zone and avoid jet lag. Do not have a rest if you arrive during the day!  You will feel worse for it later.

Following a family of ostriches in Namibia (Photo: Courtesy of Linda Petrie)
Following a family of ostriches in Namibia (Photo: Courtesy of Linda Petrie)

What are the latest travel trends?

To me, it's all about experiences and how we can truly immerse ourselves in a culture and destination, meeting the people and getting a true understanding of the country. We all crave space and the ultimate luxury to me is all about space, disconnecting, privacy and being away from the crowds in order to refresh and re-energise. 

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Surrounding yourself with nature is also important, especially coming from Hong Kong. We stayed at The Datai Langkawi a few years ago and my sons always talk about the experience as they had never been immersed in so much nature.  My youngest son even cried when we left as the jungle had such an impression on him.

In terms of destinations, I would highlight Africa and its many countries as the continent to visit in 2018. Rwanda and Ethiopia are on my radar to visit as soon as I can. Japan is also on my wishlist and I am currently planning to go to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka over Easter. I can’t wait!

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