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Homes Inside Denise Lo's Home

Inside Denise Lo's Home

Inside Denise Lo's Home
By Marianna Cerini
May 24, 2017
Denise's apartment is a treasure trove of intimate tatler_stories


 “I’m a hoarder, always have been,” Denise Lo tells us. “I like to pick up things wherever I go—from everyday shops to art galleries. I love the mixing and matching, the high and low, the modern and the traditional.”

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And her home, which she moved into in 2015, provides plenty of proof. It’s a world of figurines, precious snuff bottles, hefty fashion books and eclectic art pieces spanning the abstract, the classic and the ultra contemporary. There’s a David Cintract next to a Jean-Paul Riopelle, a Peng Xiancheng facing a Yoshitomo Nara.


In essence, it’s a joyful ode to kitsch infused with nostalgia—things Denise has been given or purchased through the years, often with or for her kids, as well as mementos from her many trips. Taken together, it’s a crazy, fun narrative of taste running the gamut from ornamentation to table setting.

“Colours are really important to me, and so are bold statement pieces,” says Denise, who is the regional vice-president for Christian Dior Couture Asia-Pacific. “My previous home, on Bowen Road, had a very minimalist look. When I moved here I decided I wanted an altogether different feel, something that would speak for my own style, especially being with Dior.”


 The former lawyer worked with Jason Caroline Design on the interiors, starting with the walls, which are painted in shades of signature “Dior grey” with white trim. It’s a rich, saturated tone that envelops the space and heightens a sense of timeless sophistication, while also providing the perfect canvas for Denise’s luxurious riot of design elements and patterns.

“The walls are warm and inviting,” says Denise. “They exude a very demure aesthetic, which is offset by the dramatic presence of everything else around. It’s all about juxtaposition, and co-existence, too.”


“I love gathering and telling tatler_stories,” Denise says. “Giving things a meaning, looking at them and remembering a place and time, or a person. I want my furniture to reflect my life. That, to me, is what it’s all about.”

Click through the slideshow below for a tour of Denise Lo's home:







Photography: Moses Ng
Styling: Tessa Matthews

Read the full story in the May issue of Hong Kong Tatler.

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