Inside iDecorate Founder Shana Buchanan’s Mid-Levels Home


October 13, 2017 | BY Mercedes Hutton

A bold palette, sinuous curves and an inherent eye for design create a home with plenty of heart

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, a woman famed for her bold use of colours and prints, once said: “Style is about confidence—that’s the real beauty.” The same edict applies as much to interiors as it does to apparel.

As soon as you enter the home of Shana Buchanan—who also enjoys Von Furstenberg’s ease with palettes and patterns—it’s evident that the vibrant abode’s undeniable appeal is the product of an established and inherent aesthetic assurance.

As the founder of online decor store iDecorate, which recently opened a physical location in Times Square in Causeway Bay, Shana’s eye for design comes as little surprise. 

Start the slideshow below to go inside Shana's home:

Geometric patterns, sinuous curves and contemporary artworks by Byron Bay-based artist Jai Vasicek and British born artist Ali McNabey-Stevens, who also practices in Australia, all intermingle with effortless harmony in the open living room. 6

Photography: Edgar Tapan

This article was originally published on Home Journal.