Insider Guide To Beirut: Nour Al Nimer, Founder Of Nimerology Tableware


July 23, 2018 | BY Jakki Phillips

Beirut is one of this year’s hottest travel destinations, with art, food, hotels and nightlife to rival London, Shanghai and New York.

Nour Al Nimer, the founder of luxury tableware brand Nimerology, grew up in Beirut but now lives between Istanbul and New York. When she returns to the Lebanese capital these are her favourite places to visit.

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Photo: Courtesy of Rami Kadi

Fashion stop

“Every time I’m in Beirut I visit the boutique of Lebanese-American fashion designer Rami Kadi. I love his loud and colourful prints.” 

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Insider Guide To Beirut: Nour Al Nimer, Founder Of Nimerology Tableware
The Rashid Karami International Fair

Unexpected architecture

“Design enthusiasts should make a pilgrimage to Tripoli (70km north of Beirut) to marvel at the abandoned structures of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. His futurist masterpieces were supposed to host a trade fair. Building began in 1967 but stopped in 1975 because of the civil war and never restarted. Known as the Rashid Karami International Fair, the abandoned site is now a forgotten shrine to the legendary architect spread over a square kilometre of landscaped gardens. Most days the area is completely deserted except for a few local skateboarders riding Niemeyer’s iconic domes.”

Photo: Courtesy of Dar El Nimer

Islamic art

“My father is an art collector and he runs a non-profit art and culture space called Dar El Nimer in the heart of Beirut where he shows his vast collection of art, antiques and ancient artefacts from the Middle East and around the world. He’s a proud Palestinian and is particularly keen to promote education and discussion about culture from his homeland.” 

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Insider Guide To Beirut: Nour Al Nimer, Founder Of Nimerology Tableware
Baalbek's ancient Roman temple

Ancient ruins

“The most impressive archaeological site in Lebanon is a Roman temple complex in Baalbek (85km northeast of Beirut). Well preserved and spectacular in size and beauty, these ancient monuments rival those in Rome and are a Unesco World Heritage site.”

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Portrait photography: Walid Rashid

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