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Arts K11 ARTUS: A Closer Look At The Luxury Residence

K11 ARTUS: A Closer Look At The Luxury Residence

K11 ARTUS: A Closer Look At The Luxury Residence
By Elizabeth Choi
May 10, 2019
K11 ARTUS Focus

As the latest developments in Victoria Dockside open in exciting succession, the latest unveiling is set to elevate Hong Kong’s public spaces, luxury residence options, and creative scene all at once.

With the city’s newest art and design district set to open this year, entrepreneur Adrian Cheng recently unveiled his next major project, K11 ARTUS, opening Q3 2019.

Following the recent launch of Rosewood Hong Kong, K11 ARTUS marks the third milestone of Cheng’s Victoria Dockside Development, joining the K11 ATELIER, a forward-thinking office concept that integrates innovation, art and culture, and K11 MUSEA, the newest destination for ultra high-end experiential retail, art, culture and dining.

Photo: Courtesy of K11 ARTUS
Photo: Courtesy of K11 ARTUS

Artisanal Home

With a luxury hotel, a game-changing workspace offering, and a highly innovative museum-retail establishment in place, K11 ARTUS will be the development’s “Artisanal Home” element, and Asia’s first luxury residence built to preserve and promote fast-disappearing artisanship.

Combining hotel services with an inspiring environment for cultural creatives, the 287-residence K11 ARTUS raises the bar for full-service luxury residences in Hong Kong by weaving cultural programmes, designed to inspire discover and invoke exchanges, with curated public spaces that put artisanal craftsmanship at the center.

The public spaces of K11 ARTUS are adorned with traditional Chinese artisanal objects carefully selected by Cheng and his team of specialists including wooden furniture made using baibaoqian techniques, the ancient craft of inlaying engraved work with precious stones and ceramics with guancai, the colourful blend of Chinese and Western elements hand-painted on porcelain.

K11 Craft and Guild Foundation

These rare objects have been produced exclusively for K11 ARTUS in collaboration with K11 Craft and Guild Foundation, the development’s charity that focuses on preserving and conserving Chinese crafts dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. The precious items will also be available to purchase by K11 ARTUS residents, with proceeds supporting artists and their crafts.

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Photo: Courtesy of K11 ARTUS
Photo: Courtesy of K11 ARTUS

“K11 ARTUS works with a small group of Chinese craftsmen who share our value in preserving culture and ancient craftsmanship,” Cheng shared. “By empowering them and curating their artisanal creations throughout the residences, ARTUS creates a unique environment for cultural discovery and intellectual exchanges.”

A rich programme

Exchange and discovery are also unique features to the K11 ARTUS community. The residence continues a rich history of salon culture through an in-house salon programme led by prominent cultural figures including playwrights, artists, designers, explorers and scholars.

Once residents return to their suites, 70 different layouts provide an array of cultural discoveries, reflected in each suite’s handpicked artefacts gathered from around the globe.

Each suite is accented with intricate tribal prints, handcrafted details, stone carvings, and tactile textures meant to keep residents inspired. For the city’s creatives, K11 ARTUS brings together all the ideal elements of city life: comfort, convenience to urban dynamism and a celebration of creativity.

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